Clean Bandit Is Bringing Whitney Houston To The 2020s!

Clean Bandit Is Bringing Whitney Houston To The 2020s!

We are waking up from dreaming, cause we just found what real love is! Clean Bandit is reminding us that Whitney Houston is the only one that will let us know what we love… and that´s the iconic ‘How Will I Know,’ next to the powerful minds and magic of Clean Bandit.

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We Know This Is Love!

Clean Bandit has brought us a remix we were missing in our lives, and it´s already looking like one of the best things this year has brought to us so far! The upbeat, happy, danceable, and funky remix is letting us go back in time to our queen, with a little bit of spice of the 2020s!

We all love classics, that´s a fact, but now we are worried that this remix is gonna take over our minds and hearts, cause we can´t deny it… this is so good! We are putting this remix everywhere! Just imagine being in the shower giving your ultimate private concert with this song. Our imaginary fans are gonna be so happy!

The Dance Floor Is Ours!

We are loving the new sound of Whitney Houston that Clean Bandit is bringing us! We can´t stop dancing to the beat and screaming one of our favorite songs of the queen! THP HQ is ready to have a little party in honor of just this remix, and you are all invited! Stream it right here!

What are your thoughts on the remix? Did you love it as much as we did? Tell us everything in the comments, and don´t forget to groove with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

Want more songs to hit the dance floor? We gotcha!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of RCA Records

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