Here’s How These Three SM Artists Are Dominating September

Here’s How These Three SM Artists Are Dominating September

Hello, K-Pop-loving honeybees! Are you as obsessed with SM artists as we are? We can’t get enough of any act coming out of SM Town ever since H.O.T paved the way for the company. September seems to be a real treat for all of us multistans of the company’s artists! There is so much coming up for us to enjoy that we thought we’d help you out and summarize the most recent happenings in the baby pink SM K-Pop family!

SHINee Key
Image Source: SM Entertainment

Okay, we have told you this before, but we are enormous SHINee fans here at THP HQ, and anything the boys do, we completely eat up! Key is just about to have his first online solo concert, KEY: GROKS IN THE KEYLAND, this Sunday, September 26th. He is also dropping his new solo mini-album Bad Love on September 27th! We finally got a taste of the retro dance-pop song this last Friday in the mv teaser, and let us tell you: Key is about to reset culture ‘Bad Love’ is about to bop hard.

You’d think holding a solo concert and having a comeback would be enough for Key to save this month, but nope the man also graced us with a new pictorial. Key is a fashion icon, and it has been a minute since his last photo shoot, so a new one was desperately needed. This time he posed for Vogue Korea styling his outfits and looking absolutely ethereal! What. A. Man.

Image Source: SM Entertainment

MY, are you screaming as much as we are? We have waited long enough, and aespa is finally releasing their first mini-album. It has been almost a year since the girls’ debut, and after multiple singles, they are about to expand their musical universe and their concept with an EP. ‘Savage’ is coming October 5th, and the teasers photos we have gotten so far have been absolutely mind-blowing!? The girls seem to be still engulfed in the aura of the ‘Black Mamba,’ and we can’t wait to see how this mini album connects to their storyline and how the ae-members of aespa are doing. But until then, let’s admire these stunning photos!

Image Source: SM Entertainment

NCT 127
Image Source: SM Entertainment

Admittedly, NCT 127 saved the month the moment their third full album Sticker dropped on September 17th, and we got so much new NCT 127 music at once after what felt like a decade-long drought. But their power is unstoppable. NCT has been getting bigger and more prominent in recent years, and now they are their own competition when it comes to records. They just broke their million-seller record by becoming a double-million seller and that in just one week. One week!? NCTzen, you are way too powerful. This calls for a proper celebration and a pat on the back. You deserve it NCTzens you’ve gotten NCT 127 so many wins this month. Hopefully, y’all got the bias photocards you wanted to get this time. Now, let’s listen to ‘Sticker’ on repeat and be thankful for NCT being this amazing at everything they do!

Image Source: GIPHY

Whew, there might be no one like SM artists for us at the moment, and we can’t believe there is so much content yet to come! What are you most excited about? Key’s concert or solo album? Those Vogue pictures? aespa’s upcoming comeback? NCT 127 being the best boys? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Vogue Korea & SM Entertainment.

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