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‘If You Say The Word,’ Radiohead Will Tell You New Secrets!

‘If You Say The Word,’ Radiohead Will Tell You New Secrets!

Music is a form of art, and we love how some bands use it for the best. It plays with our senses. From Coldplay to Radiohead, British bands understood it right. Thom Yorke and his friends from Oxford used their creativity to bounce Kid A and Amnesiac, two of their most iconic albums together. Let’s take a look at Radiohead’s ‘If You Say The Word’ new video and some iconic tracks they made back in the days while waiting for KID A MNESIA out November 5th.

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‘Knives Out’

Do you ever wish to work with a world-class cineast? Radiohead did and associated with acclaimed director Michel Gondry for ‘Knives Out.’ “I want you to know/He’s not coming back/Look into my eyes/I’m not coming back,” Thom Yorke croons darkly from the beginning. The experimental visuals bring some nostalgia with the wife being trapped in the operation game and Thom grieving the loss. ‘If You Say The Word,’ we love the originality of Radiohead’s video!

‘I Might Be Wrong’

Is it a metallurgical clash? Or a slow electronic trip-hop melody? ‘I Might Be Wrong’ is hard to describe! We love the mysterious side of the video showcase. Sophie Muller, who worked with Wolf AliceTom Odell, and many incredible bands and artists since the 80s, captured the heart and soul of the Oxford band. Filmed in a dark parking lot, the band tries to cope with their thoughts. Here’s one big piece of advice: “Think about the good times and never look back.”

The National Anthem’

What’s your favorite hymn? Ours is Radiohead’s ‘National Anthem.’ Like their famous ‘Paranoid Android’ on OK Computer, the band opted for a chaotic animation clip. “Everyone/Everyone is so near/Everyone has got the fear,” chants Thom Yorke with his special and intricate vocal tones. It still applies to all the nightmare-like insecurities we live with today. Radiohead’s deep basslines and jazzy beats puzzle our minds with all its strangeness melodies.

Pyramid Song’

Did you know that ‘Pyramid Song’ is a mix of influences between Charles Mingus Jazzmaster’s piece from 1962 ‘Freedom’ and an exhibition about the Egyptian underground singer Thom Yorke attended? The visuals are stunning and going in the opposite direction. It chases a dream that Radiohead had about a scuba diver entering a whole new submerged world. Thanks to ABBA’s latest video collaborator Shynola for the artistic venture.

How About An Exhibition?

The music world is transforming itself with all the new technologies. With the pandemic last year, the creators needed to find more spaces to connect with their fans. NFTs, live streams, everything is possible! Radiohead innovates while presenting a special exhibition this November. Get it directly from home on your PlayStation console, celebrate 21 years of Kid A and Amnesiac universe. The event will show unique and digital pieces of audiovisual art inspired by the albums. Get all the details on Epic Games website here! Watch the trailer below if you are too curious about it!

And The Dessert… ‘If You Say The Word’

Radiohead’s ‘If You Say The Word’ is the latest material to emerge from the band, and we are so excited for the future! The track, featured on KID A MNESIA, leans on the complexity of relationships and dilemmas. What would happen if you were kidnapped? It could be very dramatic or have a better ending. Director Kasper Häggström knows how to keep us holding out breath until the video concludes. Watch the thrilling visuals below. Make sure to get hold of a copy on here! KID A MNESIA is coming on November 5th!

Which song from Radiohead’s KID A MNESIAC universe inspires your life at the moment? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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