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Scotty Sire Is Back And Better Than Ever

Scotty Sire Is Back And Better Than Ever

Scotty Sire has been one of our favorite artists for so long now, and he’s back with his latest track, ‘MOOD SWINGS.’ As always, we are blown away by how obvious it is that Scotty Sire has found his voice and knows exactly what he wants to say. ‘MOOD SWINGS’ is one of those tracks that you can bet that months from now it will still be on repeat. ‘MOOD SWINGS’ is a classic Scotty Sire track, and what more could you ask for? And of course, the music video is showered with our favorite people from the vlog squad!

To celebrate the release of ‘MOOD SWINGS,’ we are highlighting our top five favorite Scotty Sire songs, we’ve got to do it!

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Stream ‘MOOD SWINGS’ here!

‘Lonely Christmas’

‘Lonely Christmas’ is the Christmas song to end all Christmas songs. The lineup is stacked for this one, with Scotty Sire joining forces with Heath Hussar and Mariah Amato! As soon as October 31st is over and it’s officially Christmas time, you can bet this will be all you’re hearing coming out of our speakers.

‘Ruin Your Party’

The title track off of Scotty Sire’s 2018 album is one we have listened to approximately a million times. We always play this track during a solid pre-game, it’s the perfect environment for it! Even from these early days, Scotty Sire has been such an incredible musician.


Once again joined by Heath Hussar, but this times Myles Parrish is on the best too! ‘Kickback’ is a song that has been the backing track of so many times with friends in the three years we’ve had to live with the song. It’s impossible to not feel the best vibes while this song is on.

‘Breakfast In The Park’

‘Breakfast In The Park’ is our absolute favorite Scotty Sire song. We know it’s a big claim, but it’s true! As far as a true good pop song, ‘Breakfast In The Park’ is as solid as they come! We really want everyone to hear this song, it’s what Scotty Sire deserves.

‘Take Me Away’

Yes, we still get emotional thinking of the video of Scotty Sire being surprised with ‘Take Me Away’ being on the radio! ‘Take Me Away’ came earlier in Scotty’s music career, however, we see it as this shining light, the song still hits as much as it did the night we first heard it.

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Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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