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We Saw Blu DeTiger At The Roxy, So Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Catch A Show ASAP!

We Saw Blu DeTiger At The Roxy, So Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Catch A Show ASAP!

Blu DeTiger is a rising indie Popstar and is probably one of the coolest people on earth. For starters, her name is “Blu” with a name like that, she was destined to have an extraordinary life, and she has! She was born and raised in New York City, learned to play bass at the age of seven, was DJing by 17, and has toured the world displaying her extraordinary skills. However, she is mainly known on TikTok for her Bass covers and skills, even had people thinking she was Dixie Damelio when her hit song ‘Figure It Out’ dropped last year amidst the pandemic.

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Since putting out ‘Figure It Out,’ she has released a few music videos and released her debut EP, How Did We Get Here?. All that has been great, which means, after years of playing bass for other bands, it was finally time for her to tour her own music that she has been working hard on for the past few years. 

Now that you know who she is we should probably tell you we’ve already seen her live at the Roxy on 09/18 and she was terrific! So here are five reasons you should too ASAP!

The Music (Obviously!)

No concerts are any good without any music, we can guarantee that Blu’s music will get you up and dancing. She’ll play some of her hits such as ‘Figure It Out’ and ‘Cotton Candy Lemonade,’ some old ones such as ‘Mad Love’ and just for the crowd some unreleased tunes. Trust all of them were designed to be bops.

Image Source: Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP

The Outfits

Blu is a fashionista, so all of her outfits are cute as hell! At the Roxy show, she came out wearing a red leather coat with a pink thin Gucci button-up blazer underneath, then under that was a sparkly mesh overlayer. The point is the girl has style, always has, and chances are she’ll look just as good at every show she ever plays. So make sure you catch a show to witness it.


While at the Roxy, Blu interacted with the crowd a bunch! She took the time to appreciate everyone in the room for coming out. Make it to a show, and there’s a good chance you can directly interact while you’re there! There were a good amount of times where she would ask the crowd questions and listen for responses. 

Video Source: Bianca Alvarado


Since this is Blu’s first tour playing her own music, many of the venues she’s playing are pretty small, which means there will be a lot more intimate experience than most concerts. Plus, you’ll get the right to say that you saw her before she was big because, trust us, she’s going places. Not to mention, since it’s so small the more chances of you getting things like a setlist or even an autograph!

The Fans

Not to mention, Blu Detiger fans are some of the most extraordinary people you’ll ever meet! Blu music has the power to bring people together, so even if you’re going to a show alone, you’ll be sure to make friends at the show! Who doesn’t want friends who are into the same music as you??

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See if Blu will be in a city near you by clicking here!

If you decide to catch a show after reading this let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP


Featured Image Source: Max Montgomery

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