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8 Things We Love About SHINee Key’s Bad Love

8 Things We Love About SHINee Key’s Bad Love

Shawols, it’s been two and a half long years without a new Key album. Due to his enlistment we had to wait way too long for our king to have a comeback. But may we just say the wait was more than worth it? ‘Bad Love’ is here and we are smelling a really strong scent of SOTY in the air.

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SHINee always has this certain recognizable sound to their music as a group and so do their individual works. ‘Bad Love’ has Key printed all over it from the visuals, to the lyrics, to the synth-wave retro music and concept. Key really outdid himself this time and since there is so much we love about the new song and album, we thought we’d break it down for you into eight things we are absolutely obsessed with when it comes to Bad Love.

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Make sure to stream ‘Bad Love’ here.

‘Bad Love’

Duh, of course, we first have to mention ‘Bad Love’ again as it is the perfect title for Key’s comeback album and first mini-album Bad Love! The song screams retro in every aspect and we are absolutely obsessed with everything about it! No shame, we have replayed the song dozens of times already and we won’t stop any time soon.

Vocals For Days

We expected Kibum to absolutely slay in every aspect but we weren’t quite ready for those vocals! Key is a performer through and through, but he is honestly such an underrated vocalist. While ‘Bad Love’ could easily live off its concept and performance alone, it’s Kibum’s amazing vocal performance that truly elevates this song. Those ad libs, please! The man is eating CDs for breakfast, we just know it!

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The Bridge

We are convinced that if you were to google “strongest bridges in the world,“ ‘Bad Love’s bridge would be one of the top results. Everything here is so well balanced and it is one of the absolute highlights of the song! Doesn’t help that Kibum looks pretty amazing during the bridge part in the music video as well.

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The Visuals

This leads us to the visuals of the ‘Bad Love’ music video. We have never been so aesthetically simulated as we were while watching this piece of art on our screens. ‘Bad Love’ is three minutes and forty seconds of perfection. From the color scheme to the set design, everything here is taking us to a different world. And the fashion? Kim Kibum will always be our fashion king! Especially in that red outfit.

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‘Bad Love’s choreography has us pretty intrigued already and we can’t wait for the live stages on music shows. We just know Kibum and his dancers are going to slay it every single time. But not only does ‘Bad Love’ have choreo, but almost all of the b-sides do as well, since Key performed all of them except for ‘Hate That…’ during his online concert last weekend and we, quite frankly, need more of it!

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The B-Sides

You thought we wouldn’t mention the fantastic b-sides off of Bad Love? You thought wrong, each song included in the album could have easily been the title track (‘Yellow Tape’ almost had it). We are unable to pick a favorite especially after seeing them performed live. ‘Helium,’ ‘Yellow Tape,’ ‘Hate That…’ ‘Saturday Night,’ and ‘Eighteen’ we love you so much!!

The Lyrics

We love the lyrics of all of the songs included in the Bad Love album but Key himself wrote the lyrics for ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Eighteen,’ with the latter one’s being an emotional and personal rollercoaster. This makes these two songs just a tad more special to us. We love how vulnerable Key is being through his music. Thank you, Key for trusting Shawols!

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The Album Packaging

Okay, we are done after this one we promise, but we had to highlight how cool the packaging of the Bad Love album is! Key really made all versions of the album super unique and special. They are true collector items. We are already sweating when we think about opening ours without damaging it 😅. But honestly, how cool is the version with the cassette tape? We are off to buy a new cassette player! Truly retro. When Key commits to a concept he really commits to it all!

We are done now we promise! What’s your favorite thing about Key’s new album Bad Love? What did you think about the music video? What’s your favorite song on the album? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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