Jessia Drops The ‘First Call’ On You!

Jessia Drops The ‘First Call’ On You!

Do you feel the hot days fading? We got the solution for you to bring the sun back! New artist Jessia ‘First Call’ is on us! The Canadian emerging singer is on our stan list now. With her candy-pop energy, we are eager to hear her debut EP coming soon! Title is still a mystery, but we can’t wait to warm ourselves up with the fabulous voice of the Vancouver-born singer!

Image Source: Riley Stewart/courtesy of Republic Records

‘I’m Not Pretty.’ Yes, You Are!

Where did you encounter Jessia for the first time? On the radio? Or better, when she performed at Liam Payne Here’s To The Future’s showcase? In both situations, we absolutely fell for ‘I’m Not Pretty.’ She is the new pop phenomenon! This song has hit more than 215 million streams and 10 million views on her videos. Her success imploded on TikTok, going so viral that Bebe Rexha hopped on a remix version of the song! Listen now! Self-body image matters! Be positive about who you are. Your imperfections are what make you, you! ‘I’m Not Pretty’ is that catchy empowering song we all need in our lives right now! Dive into her Ryan Tedder-produced universe!

Time To Reconnect!

What’s next for the Canadian songstress? You better be her ‘First Call’ and be ready for her yet-to-be-titled EP on October 15th. “So when you’re ready to fall in love/Oh, and you think that you’ve had enough/I better be your first call,” she croons like an angel. Is it time to reconnect with people you miss so much? Do you still have feelings for them? What about listening to the melodic ‘First Call’ tones? The soothing dream-pop ballad hit us hard in our hearts. Jessia’s vocals take us to new heights. It’s sultry, emotional and so well driven. Are you curious about how it will sound live? The singer will play some sets at Montreal’s Osheaga festival on October 1st and Los Angeles’ Outside Lands on October 30th. It’s only the beginning for the rising pop princess! We are convinced her upcoming EP will sparkle around and spread warm comforting sounds to our souls!

Who are you gonna call first after you’ve heard Jessia’s new astonishing track? Share your thoughts on the song and let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Girl power is at our feet and there’s more proof of it! Get more details with the finest pop bars in town here!


Featured Image Source: Riley Stewart/courtesy of Republic Records

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