Nina Nesbitt’s ‘Life’s A B*tch’ Is Such A Mood!

Nina Nesbitt’s ‘Life’s A B*tch’ Is Such A Mood!

We all have our hard days! Music is such therapy, whenever we are sad, angry, or even happy! Whatever your mood is, there is the Scottish pop princess that stole our hearts. Nina Nesbitt’s ‘Life’s A B*tch’ is out now. Her new single is such a banger! She’s our creative queen! Keep an eye on her work, you won’t regret it!

Image Source: Nina Nesbitt Instagram

Dance All The Way Round!

Nina Nesbitt’s ‘Life’s A B*tch’s video is one from a series of iconic ones! She’s been in the industry for so long and we love the way she uses her different skills on her visuals. On ‘Loyal To Me,’ she goes all-in on her ballet choreography. As Aurora and many artists, she has this dynamic energy floating all around! She’s so confident and that’s what we want to see! Nina Nesbitt is such an empowerment figure. She’s our pretty role model!

Pure Magic!

Are your feelings strong enough for a ‘Summer Fling?’ Nina Nesbitt’s ‘Life’s A B*tch’ predecessor showcase the queen in her element. The Scottish singer tells a story in all her videos. In ‘Summer Fling’ she cast herself in a dreamy world and showing her circus-like skills! We stan a multitalented woman! Feel the magic inside of your mind!

Escape Your Fate… Or Not!

I’m with you/Through these lows and highs
Ain’t it cruel/How it hurts sometimes

Nina Nesbitt goes heavy with her stunning falsetto on the infectious chorus of ‘Life’s A B*tch.’ She’s not only an incredible singer and dancer! She’s also an amazing actress! Do you miss intriguing horror movies? In her newest track, she’s pursued by her evil double. How to escape our fate? We all have our ups and downs and we need to joggle between them. Her beautiful melodies hook us with positivity. Will it become our summer track? Maybe! Stream Nina Nesbitt’s ‘Life’s A B*tch’ from any music platform here!

How do you cope with difficult times? Nina Nesbitt’s is one of our easy solutions to feel better! What about you? Share your experiences with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

Who’s the best pop queen? We got more music gems for you here!


Featured Image Source: Wolf James/Courtesy of Nina Nesbitt

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