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7 Times The Women Of Netflix’s Sex Education Were Iconic

7 Times The Women Of Netflix’s Sex Education Were Iconic

Hi. It’s us, your local Netflix-obsessed nerds. How are you? Did you miss us? We’re here today to spread the word of one of Netflix’s greatest bets since forever: Sex Education. Specifically, we’re here to praise the women of this show for being the absolute best characters ever.

One of the main things that shows up until a few years ago lacked (and some still do), is complex female characters who are allowed the space to be both badass and vulnerable. To make good choices and mistakes. So when Sex Education happened and we suddenly had so many of those types of characters around, we instantly became obsessed with them all. And the direct result of that, is this article. We watched the third season of the show and now we need to list the moments where these characters just made us go: women *chefs kiss*.

**Also, from this point on, you’re entering the spoiler zone for Sex Education, especially the latest season.**
TW: This article briefly mentions the topic of sexual assault, and your discretion is advised.

Jean Tell Off The Sexist Doctor

Jean Milburn is literally the best character in this show and we will die on this hill. She had one of the most impactful storylines this season, choosing to be a mother for the second time in her 40s, which is perfectly normal especially nowadays, but it doesn’t stop some people from being rude, including a freaking doctor! During one of her ultrasound appointments, the doctor makes a completely uncalled-for comment about her pregnancy, and she responds appropriately by complaining about it to his superiors. Who allowed that man to even give an opinion anyway?

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All Of Jean’s Therapy Sessions

Therapist Jean is the best Jean. She knows better than anyone how to bring out the best in everyone who talks to her and yes, she specializes in sex-related therapy, but even her talk with Michael had a positive impact on him and that was very little to do with sex. She gave him the wake-up call he needed to face his own issues and hopefully, in the future, fix the ones he created with his own family because of his past. She also reminds Aimee that the horrible situation she went through was not her fault, we stan a queen who doesn’t tolerate victim-blaming.

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Maeve Goes To The States

Maeve did it, y’all! She’s making herself a priority! And she’s doing so without shutting people out like she used to. Her decision to go to the US shows a lot of character development for a lot of reasons. She’s doing something for herself, she’s actually starting to believe she can do better than anyone (including herself) ever expected and we love that for her. It also showed how her relationship with Otis changed, since the first thing she does is be honest with him about it. Maeve used to be the girl who ran away from honesty and confrontation, now she actively went to Otis and told him about her plans to spend some time studying in the US. And we have a feeling that’ll only bring more positive changes to her life.

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Maureen Chooses Adam

People seriously underestimate Moms and the lengths they’ll go for their children. The last episode of Sex Education was a lot to process, but one of the most bittersweet moments was after the dog show, when Adam tells his mom that he and Eric were a couple but broke up. He also explains that he doesn’t want her to mention him not getting a prize at the dog show to his father, Michael, who he thinks would “just be disappointed” again. Right after that, Maureen shows her support for her child no matter who he chooses to date and also tells Michael that they shouldn’t try again because it would be too much for Adam at that moment. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to see this couple work out in the future, but she’s right about one thing: Adam and Michael need to figure stuff out between themselves before they ever try to work as a family again. And seeing Maureen be so confident in her decision is so refreshing when we remember how she was in season one.

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Aimee And Maeve‘s Entire Friendship

These two are one of the greatest examples of genuine female friendship depicted in media in a positive light. They’ve always been each other’s support system throughout the series, but the emphasis on it this season really tugged at our heartstrings. Especially that scene where they agreed to be each other’s “mums” since neither had a very good relationship with their actual mothers. They love and support each other no matter what and even though they fight, they’re always there when the other needs them. We especially loved how Aimee was the one to make Maeve decide to go to America and not risk her future for a boy. They’ve both come a long way from the girls they were in the first season and we’re so proud!

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Viv Stands Up To Hope

Yes, we were all a bit mad at Viv for taking Jackson’s position solely because “it’ll look good on her CV,” but when she realizes how bad things with Hope are and how little the new headteacher cares about students, she doesn’t think twice about helping Jackson and Cal to take her down. And she does so in the sneakiest, smartest way possible: she uses Hope’s belief that Viv would do anything she said, against Hope and records their little chat before sending it to the entire school. We literally got chills watching everyone’s faces as they heard that and decided to help reclaim their school.

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Bonus From The Last Season: The Girls Take The Bus With Aimee

The most girl power-filled moment in season two has got to be the bus scene. In that episode, Aimee is a victim of sexual assault on the bus on her way to school and she’s terrified of taking the bus on her own again. When the other girls find out, they all choose to take the bus with her so she doesn’t feel like she’s alone. We love women supporting women!

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Thank you for joining us in praising these women for being exactly who they are. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list and, of course, the show itself. Tell us your thoughts on the recently announced season four in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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