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Lloyd P-White On The ‘Rockstar Life’: Exclusive Interview!

Lloyd P-White On The ‘Rockstar Life’: Exclusive Interview!

Do you think you are strong enough to live the ‘Rockstar Life?’ Scroll below to get some tips from the emerging artist himself, Lloyd P-White. You can live this way without being rich and famous. It’s all in the attitude! Creative and full of inspiration, his songwriting and R’n’B melodies are so attractive in such an electrifying way!

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Discover a world full of originality! Fans of The Kid LAROI, your senses will be attracted to that blend of hip hop, soulful beats and punk themes from London-based Lloyd P-White. ‘Rockstar Life’ is pure dynamite! The multigenre artist keeps up the swag and grooves, and we’re living for it!

From Basel, Switzerland, to London, Lloyd P-White teaches us some lessons in his new EP Rockstar. Working from home wasn’t easy, but the production is fire! With a little bit of help from Justin Bieber and Future’s collaborators Mantra and Mason Levy, the singer-songwriter drops the bomb! Find the inspirations to living your life like a superstar below!

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You were born in Basel, Switzerland and now live in London and you’ve talked about how you grew up in a multicultural environment. How did it inspire you as an artist?
I’ve been told it’s hard to put my music in a box, which is exactly the same for me as a person. Growing up in Basel, Switzerland and later living in London, I’ve grown up and always been in a multicultural environment. My environment is a melting pot of cultures and so is my music.

You recorded your EP all by yourself in your bedroom, how would you say that this experience was for you? Do you think it was better to feel the essence of the tracks this way instead of doing it in a proper studio?
It’s somewhere I feel comfortable and with the pandemic leaving no other options, I had to turn my bedroom and my car into a recording studio. As I can only record when no one is at home, I sometimes need to go out in my car and write/record something there.

Image Source: Courtesy of Lucid Publicity

Producers like Mason Levy and Mantra who worked with Future and Bieber, gained interest in your music. What’s it like for you to have sparked interest from these producers and what skills from being DIY do you bring to the studio setting?
It’s great to work with such acclaimed producers, refreshing to have their styles blend with mine. Having worked on my vocals and tracks at home and having to figure out how to record myself helped me a lot as I can now go to the studio and clearly communicate my sound to the producers and be more experimental with my sound.

Your music is a blend of different genres. We hear some dream pop on ‘925,’ Latin vibes on ‘Mamacita,’ or rap in the likes of Post Malone on ‘Lonesome.’ When you have ideas for a song, is there a specific process to find the perfect rhythms that will fit the lyrics? Or does it just come out naturally?
Literally whatever I’m feeling at that moment. It doesn’t have to be a big thing like heartbreak, for example, it could also just be a vibe I’m feeling at the time of writing the songs.
One thing I always take into consideration when I’m writing and producing my songs is how it’s going to sound live at a show or massive festival. That’s the reason I make music, I make music to perform it live and put on a show.

You have a song called ‘Rockstar Life’ along with the Rockstar EP. For you, what are the best ingredients to live like one?
Living like a rockstar doesn’t mean you have to be famous or spend a lot of money – it’s about the way of life and not caring about people’s opinions. Live every day as if it’s your last. Take risks, if you mess up learn from your mistakes.

On your Instagram, you said the song came at you when you were in your car. In what kind of vehicle, would you recommend blasting the sounds of your EP loudly?
Ideally, a Monster Truck but any car with a stereo will do.

Image Source: Courtesy of Lucid Publicity

In ‘Rockstar Life’ you refer to Kurt Cobain and Mick Jagger. Which of these legends do you feel closer to and why?
Got to be Mick Jagger, what a showman.

Last year you collaborated with Minsk-based KVPV on ‘Laced.’ It’s perfect to go clubbing. Do you have an ultimate dance track in your life?
‘Calling (Lose My Mind)’ by Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso has to be my #1 dance track! What a banger!

What did this experience bring to your career? What did you learn the most about working with another emerging artist?
It was cool to get a different viewpoint on the track, I feel we complemented each other really well and I genuinely made a new friend. Also just seeing how other emerging artists approach releasing music is so interesting.

Your stream numbers are incredible as an upcoming artist. How did social media help you through the years to gain your near 210k Spotify monthly listeners? How would you describe your relation to your loyal fan base?
It’s all down to the fans that my numbers keep growing. Social media has helped me connect to my fanbase. I don’t like calling them fans, we’re more like family. I’ve built up genuine connections over the years and now they’ve got my back through thick and thin.
X Gang <3

The video for ‘1985’ has this Stranger Things series aesthetic. If you had to play one character on that show, who would fit your personality?
I would like to think Eleven. Would I be as brave as her though? Probably not lol.

Your songs are made for the live stages. How would you describe a Lloyd P-White show in three words? Do you have any tour plans soon?
Night to remember. I’m about to announce my first show in October – many dates to follow.

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After the ‘Rockstar Life’ what can we expect next from Lloyd P-White?
I’m excited to announce my first shows back soon and keep working on new music!

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Music is the future! The rising London-based artist’s fusion of sounds make us groove. Live like a superstar and listen to Lloyd P-White’s new record here!

What is your perfect rock’n’roll dream? Do you ever wish to live the stardom life? Share with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Caroline Wang for THP Graphic Team/Lucid Publicity

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