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The Bees Knees New Fall Season Collection Is Here!

The Bees Knees New Fall Season Collection Is Here!

Fashion weeks are all around and we got some rising and amazing artists to walk down the runway at The Bees Knees collection this week! Enjoy the great beats from rock to pop and much more! Good vibes will cheer up your mood anytime if you scroll down below!

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Role Model – ‘death wish’

I got a death wish/I to love her reckless/she got two horns on her head and a tail by her legs/she’s precious” lands Tucker Pillsbury AKA Role Model on stunning new track ‘death wish.’ The darkness of fatal attraction is near on that deep beats soundscape. Eerie and powerful, we fall under the charm of the snake. Females are powerful, like Maleficent in Disney’s darker tales. Role Model’s new piece in The Bees Knees collection is metaphoric.

Do you ever wish to get something? Is this object or person good for you? It’s not always the case and that woman in the infectious lyrics that enchants our minds is here to make us realized how we should stick to the best things and tore away some desires. Imagine these sultry lines live! Catch him on tour in the US. All the details can be found here! Don’t forget to fulfill all your ‘death wish’ on repeat here!

Cordi Elba – ‘Apple Crumble’

Are you hungry? We got some piece of ‘Apple Crumble’ for you, courtesy of Australian artist Lime Cordiale and inspector Luther himself, Idris Elba. Feed yourself with pop art style visuals and feel-good melodic vibes! Don’t take yourself too seriously and make your jam with the delicious chemistry between both artists.

We can guarantee that summer’s not over while we listen to that light energy and fun track! It’s three minutes of psychedelic sounds, reminiscing Super Furry AnimalsRings Around The World or Hey Venus album intricate well-crafted guitars and loops. Cut a slice and you can get your copy of ‘Apple Crumble’ here. Get some more tasty recipes while preordering the album here.

Josie Proto – ‘Problem Child’

Are you a fan of Mae Muller or Katy For Kings? Here’s a new artist in The Bees Knees collection that you should hear about! If you’re feeling nostalgic, Josie Proto’s ‘Problem Child’ will make your memories resurface. “Lost my shoes climbing up tall trees/I wish I could tell me then
/You should eat more worms and come home dirty/Wipe your nose onto your right sleeve
,” she sings, as she wanted to tell people that you should be playful and wild as a kid. We learn from our mistakes and there’s no need for punishment.

Just let your inner child grow up and fly on your own. Her vocals can be easily a clone of Kate Nash’s ones, with the high-pitched notes that instantly put a smile on our face. Close your eyes and remember your younger years. Look back at your pictures and enjoy the smooth pop guitars and stellar harmonies on ‘Problem Child’ here!

Alina Baraz – Sunbeam

What would you like to hear this week in The Bees Knees collection? Alina Baraz Sunbeam is the perfect piece for your lonely nights. Do you love Alessia Cara‘s smooth vibes? On the opener ‘If You Let Me,’ we feel the sensuality and caressing notes! She then goes with the flow and continues to create blissful moments on the dreamy The Weeknd-inspired R’n’B melodies. Alina Baraz makes a perfect balance between her lyricism and angelic vocals as well as upbeat sounds on ‘Between Us.’ We can even think of Little Mix or Ariana Grande on slow and deep ballads like ‘I Could Imagine.’ Find your rays of Sunbeam here! Chill and relax with Alina Baraz, you won’t regret it!

Sticky Fingers – ‘We Can Make The World Glow’

We can make the world glow/Living life in ecstasy bouncing off your gravity” Sticky Fingers comes back to surprise us on the chorus of the new track ‘We Can Make The World Glow.’ At first glance, we can think of the Australian band croons and try to seduce a loved one. The melodramatic guitars and synths have a completely different meaning. With a twist of hip-hop vibes and R’n’B, it’s more like having a conversation with our inner self. We should tell our body and mind to get rid of negativity and drown in a dream and warm comfort.

Fans of Glass Animals would love the cloudy melodies. In the visuals’ chaotic shapes, we see the light at the end of the tunnel with the smooth vocal breeze that intertwines with our euphoric senses. Get rid of the bad flows and state to yourself that ‘We Can Make The World Glow’ with Sticky fingers here.

JC Stewart – ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’

Do you ever have a heartbreak that made you lose your mind? JC Stewart smooths things up on his melancholic new piece ‘Don’t Say You Love Me.’ Brave the storm and get over the “Too many tired fights/That we play over each night/And I think we both/We both need to change.” With a massive drum line and powerful vocals, JC Stewart thumps with true emotions on how when you break up, it should be calm and with no further expectations. The Irish singer-songwriter’s fan base is growing, with a tour with The Vamps in his pocket along with these million streams ahead of the release of his new EP. Tell your feelings loudly with your heart and soul. Stream ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’ here.

Julius Black – ‘Do You Still Dream?’

Travel down under to the runways of New Zealand for The Bees Knees collection this week. Julius Black asks ‘Do You Still Dream?’ through a skyrocketing song. Inspired by Coldplay guitar lines and fierce melancholic pop tones, Julius Black fascinates with his hazy instrumentation and reverberating vocals. We can expect some more on Together We Go Down In The Dark, his new EP coming November 19th. If all the songs out of it are like ‘Do You Still Dream?’ on the forthcoming record, will we be able to sleep?

Along with the crescendos and poetic chaos, we will try to escape the darkness and walk the positive road! Feel the intensity and the wonders of love that reminiscing of Shawn Mendes’ works. Fall into some alternate universe and stream Julius Black rising track this week here.

Joshua Speers Feat. SKAAR – ‘Don’t Stop Loving Me’

There is always a ‘Moral Of The Story.’ If you are over the moon with Niall Horan‘s and Ashe‘s harmonies, imagine newcomer Joshua Speers’ and SKAAR’s ones. It’s beyond magic on ‘Don’t Stop Loving Me.’ When the two singers’ universes collided, it made fireworks. How do you cope with long-distance relationships? If both people listen to their hearts, maybe it can work.

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james Arthur

On Gus Black directed video we see the Delaware-raised singer away from the other character which is on a big screen. Poetic like Clairo and Billie Eilish, the sweet folk sound stings through our skin and soul. The very emotive musical painting is delicate and we can even shed a little tear. The harmonies mesmerize us and how can we not fall in adoration with both artists? Get your hands on The Bees Knees collection new song of the week. Stream here!

CHAII – ‘Get It Done’

Attention Bree Runway stans! Do you need some hip-hop swag today? The Bees Knees collection brings you CHAII to ‘Get It Done’ this week! Hip hop is not only a boys thing and we jive to female empowerment! The moves, the bars, females can rap too! CHAII cooks us a Pineapple Pizza and, while waiting for it to be ready, she gives us a slice with the bouncy ‘Get It Done.’ “My flow flow like a bank/Got so deep never bounced back/If you rich you good/When you broke then sh*t/Work and get it done” she raps like a queen with her Megan Thee Stallion-infused bars. You ain’t got your success for nothing. CHAII passes the message with her groovy rhymes and piercing rhythmic bops. Get to know more about CHAII ‘Get It Done’ here!

Rest For The Wicked – ‘Feel The Same Way (Tough Break Remix)’

Let’s pump it up with Australian duet Rest For The Wicked new remix! “F*ck that self-doubt baby, f*ck all that hope/You already know what you are, too dope/Add a little confidence and you might see what can change/Yeah yeah,” they boost us with self-trust on the original grunge ballad ‘Feel the Same Way.’ Now, they found another way to keep us motivated. Producer Tough Break added some moving bass to it! The 90s house party is up and running. Fans of Chemical Brothers and high-tempo beats will be delighted to hear the revamped electro version. Remember the Euro Dance popular era? Relive the best moments with that energy-fuelled song! Create your own disco and stream non-stop here!

Any thoughts on this week’s tracks? Which one do you prefer? Don’t forget to tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

New music flows from everywhere! Get more for your music fix here!

Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/THP Graphic Team

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