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You Have To Catch The Alec Benjamin x Anson Seabra Tour

You Have To Catch The Alec Benjamin x Anson Seabra Tour

Okay, hear us out, this Alec Benjamin and Anson Seabra tour is the must-catch tour of the fall! Everything from the stage setup to the band members, to the guys’ ability to connect with the audience, is next level! You can truly tell when you’re in the audience that you’re watching two performers who are going to be staples in the music industry. They’re that talented, charismatic, and passionate about their craft. While we loved every moment of attending the Seattle date of the tour, the setlist has to be our highlight! We’re going to highlight our top ten favorite tracks we were able to hear live!

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‘Keep Your Head Up Princess’

Anyone who doesn’t attend the tour isn’t ready for ‘Keep Your Head Up Princess’ to come out. The track is so beautiful, and Anson’s voice is so soft. ‘Keep Your Head Up Princess’ is a track that we easily allow ourselves to break down to, what can we say? We love a good cry.


‘Magazines’ is another perfect track to cry to. Maybe this is a theme with Anson Seabra music, but we love it! The whole message of the song is that sometimes people aren’t what they seem on the surface, there’s so much more to see than just a pretty face.


‘Dominoes’ is already out, so you can appreciate the studio version! The line “hearts break like dominoes’ rings so true. Anson Seabra is one of those artists that is writing the most relatable, heartbreaking lyrics. We are telling you, he’s going to be the next big thing, ‘Dominoes’ is a perfect example of why we think that.

‘Jesus In LA’

‘Jesus In LA’ is our favorite Alec Benjamin song, so naturally, that carried into the live show. Anyone who has ever seen Alec live knows what incredible fans he has, and they showed that by screaming the words (through masks of course) to every single song, we especially screamed the words to ‘Jesus In LA.’

‘I’m Not A Cynic’

Sometimes we all have off days, not because we’re cynics, just because it’s simply an off day. That is the message that ‘I’m Not A Cynic’ is trying to get across. This song has always connected with us and hearing it live made that connection even stronger.

‘Water Fountain’

Flashback to a simpler time of us hearing Alec Benjamin sing this song in a hotel hallway next to an airport in Seattle, then flash forward to a thousand people singing the same song years later. It was an emotional experience for us and we screamed the words louder than we should have.


Now with ‘Older’ being Alec’s latest release, you might think that the crowd wouldn’t be as loud, you’d be wrong. We attended the fourth show on the tour one day after the song came out, and the entire audience knew every word. It was a magical moment, and ‘Older’ was definitely a highlight.

‘Change My Clothes’

Alec Benjamin doesn’t have too many collaborations, but ‘Change My Clothes’ is the most recent, with Dream. And while Dream didn’t appear at our stop to perform with Alec we still loved hearing this song live!

‘The Book of You & I’

If you’ve never heard ‘The Book of You & I,’ live is the perfect way to first experience this beautiful song. Alec Benjamin has one of the most incredible relationships with his pen, and this song is one of the best examples!

‘Robin Hood’

We had to end our list with one last Anson Seabra song! ‘Robin Hood’ was the second single Anson shared with the world, and when he plays it live you can tell how much it means to him. The song perfectly showcases his vocal ability and writing ability.

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