Everclear And Wheatus On Tour? Don’t Miss It!

Everclear And Wheatus On Tour? Don’t Miss It!

We’re so excited about the latest concerts announcements that are flowing! The nostalgic hearts in us vibrate to the good old alt-rock from the 90s. Everclear and Wheatus announced a joint tour this fall and who’s gonna score a ticket for some memorable concert? The grunge and punk revival is on the way and we can’t wait to witness it live!

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Let’s Get To ‘Santa Monica’ Boulevard!

US West Coast, Everclear, and Wheatus are calling you to party like an alternative punk star! “Walk right up into a brand new day” and enjoy the sun driving your convertible with the rays of happiness hitting your skin on the ‘Santa Monica’ boulevard. Bring your friends and hop to the big field! Can we bet Art Alexakis and his bunch will perform this classic to the crowds this fall? Discover the roots of Grayscale and many other modern alternative bands through the intense guitar and raw energy of a live classic!

Classics? New Songs? Let’s See!

You do what you do/You say what you say/You try to be everything to everyone,” Art Alexakis pleads on Everclear’s classic ‘Everything To Everyone.’ We all try to please people around. In a concert, never mind that. We are just here to rock on, have fun and enjoy the classics and new tunes. What can we expect from Everclear and Wheatus tour? New material? Who knows! Classics from the mid-90s prolific alternative rock era? Of course! Acoustic or beastly infused instrumentation like a ton of brick, all we know so far is that you shouldn’t miss these shows!

Electric Anthems!

The pop-punk world storms back and it’s great to see pioneer bands like Wheatus still on the map. Let’s relive an astonishing performance of ‘Hey Mr. Brown’ at London’s Hammersmith Palais from 2007. The guitar strums fill the venue in a pretty rocking way! The crowd reactions are electric! The ‘Hey, Mr. Brown’ anthem from Wheatus’s self-titled first album banging drums are louder on stage and deserve a place on the setlist! This song’s bouncy rhythms simply hook us to dance around! Guess you can’t resist getting your ticket for this US West Coast set of shows now, right?

Teenage Dreams!

The amount of times ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ was covered, we can’t wait to sing out loud. Wanna bet all the Noelles out there would scream and shout their love or hatred to their young years? Because we remember the chorus by heart. From One Direction to Phoebe Bridgers, this song is our angst hymn by excellence. Obviously, what’s a Wheatus set without this smash on it? Acoustic or heavier, ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ is this never-ending banger at friends’ hangouts! Who’s in for the tour dates? Be quick! Tickets are selling out fast. Want to feel the experience? Get yours here!

Which songs are you most excited to hear live? What do you love about the nineties? Or what’s your best memory about Wheatus and Everclear? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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