Real Friends’ Torn In Two Degrees Of Separation!

Real Friends’  Torn In Two  Degrees Of Separation!

How to please everyone? That is the main question! Illinois punksters Real Friends’ Torn In Two split the difference and figured out an interesting spin on the new EP. The Pure Noise records alumni know how to entertain us and they smash it again! Which side are you on?

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‘Spinning’ The Punk Wheel!

Our heads are ‘Spinning’ around on Real Friends’ Torn In Two EP! The guitars drive us in high energy like their label friends State Champs. The Andrew Wade production unveils the punk essence at its best. The Neck Deep producer blast the guitar riffs and drum bangs to the max! Let’s get rid of all the rage we have inside! “Can’t snap out of it/Black clouds overhead are permanent/I’m losing my faith/My confidence is crashing like rain,” Real Friends smashes on the first verse of ‘Remedy For Reality.’ Never give up! You may be a ‘Nervous Wreck,’ but it’s normal and we can get over it together. The Warped Tour should happen again with Real Friends as headliners. This would sound lit, don’t you think?

A Reimagined Reality

Are you feeling nostalgic about the good old emo days? Do you miss Sum 41, Bring Me The Horizon, and Simple Plan? Real Friends’ new record is torn between the rock ballad delicacies and the chaotic scene of the punk movement. The band remixed their original parts and explored the pop-grunge Weezer-infused universe. ‘Nervous Wreck’s instrumentation is softer and the guitar hooks so addictive. After a first half where Real Friends goes all-in with aggressive riffs, the second one is dreamy and fuels our imagination. The Illinois five-piece drives until the world ends, taking their role as ‘Storyteller’ so seriously! Real Friends’ Torn In Two EP is out now on your favorite outlets! Stream here and get tickets for their US tour for a night to remember!

It’s easy to be in a Real Friends’ Torn In Two EP mood! What do you do to lighten up the difficulties and the dilemmas you face? Share your tips with us @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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