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The Body Remembers Debbie Gibson’s Pop Legacy!

The Body Remembers Debbie Gibson’s Pop Legacy!

Are you ready for amazing news and such a great throwback? 80s pop icon Debbie Gibson’s The Body Remembers album is out now! Put your hands up in the air for the former teen bop star’s first record in two decades. Nostalgia hit us hard and it’s time to look back at the pop superstar moments while being so excited to hear her new stuff!

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‘Electric Youth’

Britney, where are you hiding? You can imagine the iconic ‘…Baby One More Time,’ but in another era when you watch Debbie Gibson’s video for ‘Electric Youth.’ “Electric Youth/Feel the power, you see the energy comin’ up, coming on strong/The future only belongs in the hands of itself/And the future is electric youth”, the 80s iconic dance and sing with such confidence. She was a figure of positivity for generation Y. Her message still applies today and that’s what we live for! Debbie Gibson’s The Body Remembers to showcase her influences while she drives her energetic choreographies!

‘Shake Your Love’

Are you feeling sad and moody? Let’s ‘Shake Your Love!’ Let’s travel back to 1987 when Debbie Gibson’s song topped the Billboard charts! The disco ball is ready with the fluorescent adolescents and the fun vibes! If you dig the ‘Real Grooves’ from Kylie Minogue and Dua Lipa, you’ll fall for the colors and cheerful dances! “I’m under a spell again/Boy, I’m wondering why/This is not a game of love but/An emotional tie” Debbie Gibson sings with her obsessive pop tones! It’s infectious and perfect to start the party!

‘We Could Be Together’

“If you said “Jump!” I’d say “How high?”/If you said “Run!” I’d run and fly/Just for the chance/Just for the moment,” Debbie Gibson shouts on 1989’s ‘We Could Be Together. Was it the precursor to Disney’s High School Musical’s ‘We’re All In This Together?’ Maybe! Be strong, don’t be afraid to follow the rhythms, and being solid as a group of friends! Our hearts are still young for the American songstress!

‘Lost In Your Eyes’

On Debbie Gibson’s new The Body Remembers album, we got a couple of surprises. One of them is a thrilling and emotive duet with Joey McIntyre from New Kids On The Block. Both voices melt perfectly on this piano ballad that we can find originally on Debbie’s album Electric Youth in 1989. The song and harmonies give us chills! Fans of James Arthur, Sam Smith, or James Blunt, step back in time and listen to these icons from the past and present. Don’t miss this!

‘One Step Closer’

Debbie Gibson is still young at heart and is ‘One Step Closer’ to smash the charts again with her new record. Between dance numbers and melancholic adventures, Debbie Gibson’s is still in great shape. She didn’t lose her entertaining sparkle. Be your own power, control what you can, and be creative! Fulfill your happiness with great vibes, good music, and positive thinking. Do you want to know more? Don’t miss her interview on The Tamron Hall Show! Watch it here! In the meantime, take a look at the songstress new music below. It’s fresh, revigorating, and full of moving beats! Stream Debbie Gibson’s The Body Remembers here!

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