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Wallows, Please Don´t Tell Us That It Is Over!

Wallows, Please Don´t Tell Us That It Is Over!

Are we dreaming? We thought that it was a prank when we saw the notification, but it is real! Wallows is back! The band has come back to offer the perfect closure to an amazing month that September has been! ‘I Don´t Want To Talk’ is out now!

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The new song that our favorite besties have brought to us has great vibes for everyone that wants to just escape for a moment and live life without caring. The upbeat, happy, and indie sound is making us all jump to the rhythm of the new tune that is making us want to change our lifestyle into a retro one!

Even though we are loving the vibes of ‘I Don´t Want To TalK,’ we can´t ignore acknowledging how we feel about the lyrics of the masterpiece. We all have insecurities, we all have fears, and sometimes we just want to shut them off for some seconds and scream ‘I Don´t Want To Talk!’ with all our forces. That is exactly what the song talks about, and yet again, it’s another track we can feel connected with our talented friends!

Please don´t tell us that it is over!

There´s no doubt that Wallows have the mind we all wish we had. Bringing us a 90s aesthetic mixed with the unique vibes Wallows have brought to us since day one in a wonderful music video, we had a fun voyage with our besties singing along to their new stunning track that is leaving us speechless. We don´t want to talk, we want to sing all day with Wallows.

Just Good News Everyone!

You thought that was all? Well, besties we have more exciting news! Not only have they given us our new favorite song, but also Wallows has announced their upcoming North America Tour!

Starting on April 1, 2022, we are gonna have the chance to see the incredible band back on stage, making us feel more than ‘OK!’ The Tell Me That IT´s Over Tour will start in Seattle and will take the unique music of Wallows all the way to Denver!

For more tickets’ information, click HERE!

Tickets are gonna be available from October 5th, and there are some surprises for the ones that will get the VIP packages! Hurry up, cause there´s a huge line behind us waiting to get the best seats to scream the best songs in the world!


we’ve got a new song out. please listen?? (can’t believe i know how to greenscreen or whatever now) #IDontWantToTalk #Wallows #fyp #newnew #alright

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We are so excited about what´s coming! What are your thoughts about ‘I Don´t Want To Talk?’ Are you going on any date of the tour? Tell us everything in the comments and buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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