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K-POP HOTSPOT: September 2021 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

K-POP HOTSPOT: September 2021 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

The best time of the year is about to be upon us! Halloween is near! September was an eventful month for comeback and Chuseok gave us the time to breathe! It is time for your favorite feature to get all things K-Pop comebacks and debuts! That means it is time for THP’s very own K-Pop roundup! We are here to bring you coverage of comebacks we especially enjoyed this month and releases you might have missed. September was a good month so make sure to check out the comebacks we already covered such as ATEEZ, Baek A Yeon, Lee Hi, DAY6’s Young K, SHINee Key, Omega X, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, CL, Wonho, ITZY, ASTRO, and BTS X Coldplay!

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Now, let’s get into many more amazing comebacks and debuts that happened during September!


fromis_9 might be back with just a single but what a song. ‘Talk & Talk’ embodies everything that we love about these girls: it’s bright, it’s fun, it’s addictive, and can put a smile on your face no matter what. And after years of hard work, ‘Talk & Talk’ earned fromis_9 their first-ever win at a music show, so, you know it’s a special one!


Kyuhyun confesses his love in his new song ‘On A Starry Night,’ his track for the project REVIBE Vol. 3. He sings in a dark room filled with beautiful golden lights in this peaceful music video. Somehow, Kyuhyun always manages to reach into our hearts with his gentle and emotional voice.


Our favorite boy is back and spies have told us he might be re-debuting in a group very soon! But before that happens the idol graced us a year after his debut with his second single album Beautiful Sunshine and title song ‘Lemonade’ which was the perfect way to end summer with! It’s just so catchy!


This comeback felt bittersweet as A.C.E members have started to enlist. With Wow and Donghun having enlisted in September A.C.E quickly gathered to drop their second repackaged album Changer: Dear Eris and the title track ‘Changer,’ which is such a grower of a song! It just keeps getting better with time. We haven’t stopped bopping to this ever since it dropped but honestly, we are also crying since we have no idea when we will see OT5 A.C.E again.


After ‘Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!’ last month, ONEUS is back with yet another installment of ONEUS THEATRE. Through their new song ‘Life Is Beautiful,’ this time ONEUS took inspiration from the movie Dead Poet Society. This is such a bright and happy song that there’s no way you can listen to this without smiling.


STAYC girls are back! It’s not easy to follow up the immense success of ‘ASAP,’ and yet ‘Stereotype’ is everything we expected and much more. The incredible vocals, the stunning styling, the unique concept, the b-sides… Everything about it is perfection. Less than a year after their debut, these girls already left an immense mark on us all and it’s pretty amazing to see.


Sungmin has finally dropped his second digital single album Goodnight, Summer featuring a title song of the same name and a b-side track titled ‘Blooming.’ The beat in ‘Goodnight, Summer’ has such a chill and nostalgic feel, and we could listen to it all day! ‘Blooming’ is a song written and composed by Sungmin himself, and it’s a sweet song about being lovesick. We’ve missed Sungmin’s vocals so much!


MEGAMAX surprised us all with a pretty emotional debut song. ‘Painted÷LOVE:)’ is full of smooth vocals and an amazing build-up to an instrumental-led chorus. We didn’t expect these rookies to crash onto the scene with such a solid song! And the album even offers us an English version of ‘Painted÷LOVE:).’ We love to see it and will definitely keep an eye on this rookie group.


Even with just their debut, we knew Purple Kiss was going somewhere and their first comeback just confirmed it for us. Their second EP HIDE & SEEK showed even more promise than their first release, and that says a lot. The addictive and cheeky title track, ‘Zombie,’ is everything as they have a more satirical take on zombies. It’s fun, it’s carefree and it’s amazing music. This release just proves much further how they have it all: the looks, the vocals, the rap. If there’s one girl group to look forward to, it’s them.


The newest girl group, ICHILLIN’, debuted earlier this month with their single ‘GOT’YA.’ There are seven members in the group: E.Ji, Jackie, Joonie, Chaerin, Sohee, Yeju, and Chowon, all of whom have loving personalities that will make you love them instantly. ‘GOT’YA’ is an energetic and upbeat song that merges enchanting bridge vocals with deep house genre hip-hop bass sounds to create a refreshingly fluffy vibe. From a lyrical perspective, the song expresses the courage and determination to forge one’s own path without worrying about other people’s opinions. We are sure that ICHILLIN’ will have a lasting impact on fans around the world with their colorful charms, stellar performances, and unsurpassed visuals, and will win their hearts in no time!


Having had an eye on the group since their pre-debut song ‘Dreaming Luminous,’ we were pretty excited to see them debut with such a strong song as ‘Run.’ The pre-chorus especially is our favorite part and makes us excited for more releases by the group! We are getting strong A.C.E vibes from them which is already a win in our book, let’s go LUMINOUS let’s shine bright!


HyunA & DAWN have released their first-ever EP together, and it’s everything we could’ve hoped for. Did we or HyunA & DAWN ever think they’d release an album together? No, but that’s what makes it much more special. [➊+➊=➊] contains five lovely tracks. Its title track is ‘PING PONG’ which is quickly taking over TikTok because of its catchy tune and choreo. The MV for the track is so cool and a perfect matchup of the vibes from each of them. The tracks that were our absolute favorites had to be ‘PING PONG’ and ‘XOXO,’ but please give all of them a listen. Each track is a perfect representation of the kind of music the two can make, and we can’t wait for another EP or song from the duo.


After unknown art pop 2.1 and yours only 2.2, we now have unknown ballad 2.3. The title says it all, ‘mOnO’ is such a beautiful yet heartbreaking ballad in which Nine took part in the writing of the lyrics and the composition of the song. If you’re looking for something new to cry your eyes out to… This is it.


Jamie is back with another sassy, catchy bop! Her new single features rapper JMIN and makes a splash as the perfect end-of-summer song. The breezy beat and hooky lyrics of ‘No Numbers’ will have everyone singing along on crisp fall days and snapping their fingers when the song remains stuck in their head!


After the huge impact they’ve had since their debut, LOONA finally debuted in Japan! That itself is worth being celebrated but what’s even better is the music. ‘HULA HOOP’ is such a bright and addicting song that almost sounds like some of their older songs, and we’re obsessed with it. ‘StarSeed’ is also the perfect Japanese b-side. In other words, they really outdid themselves with this Japanese debut and gifted us great additions to their incredible discography.

NCT 127

NCT 127 strives to produce cutting-edge music and is known for its powerful bass lines and captivating melodies. With the release of their much-anticipated new album, Sticker, the group continues its legacy of shaping K-pop’s current music scene. The eclectic lead of the album is adorned with illustrious sonic hues, crisp rhythms, distorted bass lines, and minimalist layers of EDM. Although ‘Sticker’ is not a musical masterpiece on sonic grounds in comparison to the group’s previous releases, the vocals of Jaehyun, Haunchan, Doyoung, and Taeil contributed greatly to its solidity. The future holds many surprises, and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us!

TO1 Chan

TO1 Chan finally gives us the mixtape we have all been waiting for! MOTH seemingly came to us out of nowhere and we were positively surprised. We always knew Chan was a strong rapper but boy did he slay this! The mixtape can be found on SoundCloud for free and even features two of Chan’s group members. He did that!


2021 is the year of second-gen K-Pop dominating! HIGHLIGHT just had a comeback and now member Yang Yoseob dropped the grooviest RnB album ever. ‘Brain’ is quite literally stuck in our brains and Yeoseob’s vocals are just way too good. The entire album follows the same theme and we are overwhelmed with the amount of b-sides Yeoseob has gifted to us. Thank you 2nd gen K-Pop for breathing!


We have dearly missed F.T. Island and Honggi came through this month with his fantastic Japanese mini-album called Drawing! ‘Found me’ was the perfect song to let summer end and move into autumn. The light and upbeat sound will truly cheer you up and the entire album is a no-skip one! We need everybody to listen to this masterpiece!


Yet another Universe single is upon us and this time it’s WSJN’s turn. These girls truly can’t do anything wrong, even if it’s just a single, they gave it their all in ‘Let Me In.’ The single is another great addition to their discography with its bright vibes and incredible vocals.


Start this autumn the best way, with a melody that does sound like the caramel leaves that fall to the ground during this season. With the title ‘Autumn Box,’ former IZ*ONE member, Jo Yuri, releases a beautiful ballad featuring singer Lee Seok Hoon. With the guidance of a melodic piano and soft strings, ‘Autumn Box’ recalls lost memories “returning to the moment when reading the diary contained in the box.” Please prepare the walkways, because this song will certainly be our soundtrack for our MV moments during this autumn’s chilly and rainy days.


We really hope The Rose is doing well we miss the boys dearly! It’s been a minute since ‘Face’ dropped and after Woosung gave ‘Lazy’ we have been waiting for more music by the vocalist with the most unique pipes! ‘Dimples’ is exactly what we needed in the middle of September. Woosung looks way too good in the music video and the beat goes right into our shoulder! Woosung is a king and as a vocalist way too underrated, let’s change that!

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G-Dragon might be keeping us waiting for new music but VICTON‘s Hanse is ready to satisfy these cravings with his solo debut! The rapper gifted his debut solo album Blaze to Alice on his birthday and the double title tracks ‘Take Over’ and ‘Public Enemy’ are too good to be true! From the music video to the fashion to the music everything screams iconic here. Hanse really saved September with this!

DAY6’s Dowoon

After Young K’s solo debut earlier this month, the announcement of Dowoon’s first digital single surely came as a surprise to us all. ‘Out of the Blue’ is a bright and wholesome duet with Song Heejin about growing up. Their voices combine so well together and we truly couldn’t have asked for a better song as a debut for Dowoon.


It’s always sad to see one of your favorite groups disband but 100% said we might as well go out with a bang. ‘Can’t say goodbye’ is the banger we never knew we needed from the boys. We just wish this didn’t mean goodbye for real… We really ‘Can’t say goodbye’ yet 100%…


Not only is AB6IX back but they’re back with their second full-length album: Mo’ Complete! It’s been two years since the release of their first album, so of course, we were excited about this and we really weren’t disappointed. Not only are all the b-sides incredible as expected from AB6IX as they gave their everything into this release, but ‘Cherry,’ the title track, is a bright song with such a healing and fun vibe. This release is everything we needed in our lives!


Rain’s boy group Ciipher is here with their first comeback! This is our favorite part of any groups’ journey. Through the first comeback we find out which sound a group will pursue next and ‘Blind’ is definitely different from the group’s debut ‘I like you’ but in a good way. ‘Blind’ is super cute and catchy! The boys finally show us more of their vocals especially on their album through songs like ‘Moon Night.’ We are loving it.


Almost 11 months after their last group comeback, E’LAST’s first single album does not disappoint! The boys’ vocals and choreography are on point, and the epic music video looks like a literal movie. We think we just found a new boy group to stan!


The second-gen group we have all been waiting for is definitely feeding us this year! First, they treated us to their first Korean comeback in years with ‘Make It’ and now they are extending their fantastic Japanese discography with ‘With Me Again.’ This song has 2PM written all over it and we can’t get over the music video. These men are just so pleasant to look at and listen to!


Only five months after their debut, girl group Hot Issue is back with a single album called Icons! And we may have added this song to our playlist after less than 30 seconds of listening to it. These girls are definitely making a name for themselves, and their dance performance makes you think they aren’t actually rookies. We can’t wait to see where they go from here!

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September took it easy on us but still, we got some real bangers! It’s the calm before the October storm What was your favorite release of September? Which comeback are you looking forward to in October the most? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Words by: Selina Kuhn, Juu Luquin, Valerie Valdez, Khushboo Malhotra, Julie Dam, Rita Louren, and Taylor Alexis Heady.

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