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New Music Weekly: The Greeting Committee And More!

New Music Weekly: The Greeting Committee And More!

It’s that time again! We are ready to give you the rundown in this week’s New Music Weekly! We have albums, EP’s, and some killer singles to gush all about! We hope you find a new musical obsession, let’s get into it.

Rough Dreams – Disappear. Reappear.
Image Source: 59 X Records

Stream Dissapear. Reappear. here!

We’re always looking for more grunge-rock music, Rough Dreams is the perfect band for the best of that sub-genre. While the entire album is breathing life into a musical realm we often see overlooked, ‘Falling Stars’ has to be our standout track. It’s the one we just keep replaying, and we’re not sorry about it.

Matthew Birch – ‘Secrets’
Image Source: Pressed Fresh PR

Stream ‘Secrets’ here!

Folk music and fall fit together like puzzle pieces. It’s a cold-hard fact. ‘Secrets’ is the song you’re going to be listening to while going for morning walks in the crisp fall air. If you love artists like Bon Iver (who doesn’t) you’ll love Matthew Birch.

ISA REYES – ‘Santiago’
Image Source: sandyiism via Instagram

Stream ‘Santiago’ here!

Okay, summer might be over but ‘Santiago’ is keeping those summer nights vibes alive. We can so clearly picture listening to this driving down the 101 highway with the windows down at night. Those are the vibes. And of course, we have to mention what a crazy voice Isa Reyes has! She made ‘Santiago’ feel so ethereal.

Bella St Clair – ‘High’
Image Source: St Clair Records

Stream ‘High’ here!

‘High’ may just be our favorite track from this week’s New Music Weekly! On the surface, ‘High’ is a beautiful track backed by the most incredible vocals. We encourage you to listen very carefully to the lyrics, you’ll hear the immense depth.

Waters Edge – ‘Call It Fate’
Image Source: Vamp and Fade PR

Stream ‘Call It Fate’ here!

We’ve got a debut single on this week’s New Music Weekly! Waters Edge is here with ‘Call It Fate,’ and it’s a complete folk-filled dream. Waters Edge is made up of twin sisters, which we love! Sibling groups will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We see big things in the future for Waters Edge.

The Greeting CommitteeDandelion
Image Source: Virgin Music

Stream Dandelion here!

We have raved about Dandelion already and will continue to rave about it forevermore. The Greeting Committee continues to impress more and more with every release. They are one of those bands that no matter the genre you listen to you can find a track you’ll love, they’re just that good. If we had to recommend a singular track from Dandelion it would be ‘So It Must Be True.’

AVIV – ‘love of your life’
Image Source: Photo Finish Records

Stream ‘love of your life’ here!

Indie-pop is single handily being kept alive by AVIV. Track after track, she just keeps getting better. ‘love of your life’ is very much representative of young love. Those feelings when everything feels so intense and like it’s the most important thing in the world.

Tall Heights – ‘Locked Out’
Image Source: Many Hats Distribution

Stream ‘Locked Out’ here!

Straight-up indie music is a genre we will attach ourselves to forever. All the vibes are perfect, we could dance in a field to ‘Locked Out’ on a sunny day and be completely content with life. If you’re as into the sound of Tall Heights as we are, they have an album coming out on January 14th, Juniors.

Nicky Buell – ‘Boy Crazy’
Image Source: Swag Records

Stream ‘Boy Crazy’ here!

We will always lift up LGBTQIA+ voices! And man, Nicky Buell has quite the voice! The notes he hits in ‘Boy Crazy’ are out of the world! A pop song about boys loving boys is something we need more of in mainstream media!

Wild Story – Into The Wild
Image Source: Lyric House LLC

Stream Into The Wild here!

We felt so at peace listening to Into The Wild. Each song felt like a breath of fresh air and like we were floating. Wild Story did such an exceptional job with picking songs for this project that flow so well together. Our favorite track has to be ‘Time To Let Go’ which feels soaked in sunshine.

Payton – ‘What I Need’
Image Source: AWAL Recordings

Stream ‘What I Need’ here!

Payton is the next big thing on the pop-punk scene. His music is very reminiscent of early We The Kings or bands like The Ready Set. With how young Payton is, he’s got such a long career in front of him, and we can’t wait to be along for the ride! One listen to ‘What I Need’ and you’ll jump on board too!

See Also

Them Fantasies – ‘Nice Guy’
Image Source: Courtesy of Them Fantasies

Stream ‘Nice Guy’ here!

We are ready and willing to dance the night away to ‘Nice Guy.’ That build-up to the chorus is so much fun, and to us, feels very bleachers-esque. Which obviously, we’re always here for! We can’t wait to hear more from Them Fantasies.

Will Jay & Sam Creighton – ‘i would rather die than live forever’
Image Source: Repost

Stream ‘i would rather die than live forever’ here!

We will cry about how adorable this duet is for the next week solid. Will and Sam were already the world’s cutest couple, ‘i would rather die than live forever’ just intensified that. Listening to the lyrics you can hear how pure and true their love for each other is. Couple goals!

Glass Dove – Half-Life Wilderness
Image Source: Aaron Martin

Stream Half-Life Wilderness here!

We’ve got another album to discuss in this week’s New Music Weekly! This time, it comes from Glass Dove and is titled Half-Life Wilderness. We’ve listened through multiple times and are convinced we’ve found a record that will be one of our top played this year. Our favorite from has to be ‘Cigarette Sunset.’

Nikita Bassi – ‘Hurt’
Image Source: Kartel Music Group

Stream ‘Hurt’ here!

Covers are something we don’t get enough of on our New Music Weekly wrap-ups! But this week we have a treat for you, Nikita Bassi covering the Nine Inch Nails classic ‘Hurt.’ Nikita completely reimagined ‘Hurt’ in a way we didn’t know we needed until now.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song of this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down now or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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