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Oh Wonder’s 22 Break Comes To Save You!

Oh Wonder’s 22 Break Comes To Save You!

How to work it out as a couple and co-workers at the same time? Creatively speaking, both Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, better known as Oh Wonder, shared their experiences through their delightful sounds. This time, they wrote their fourth album in the most uneasy period of the music industry and bring soothing melancholia to our ears.

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Let’s Make Peace!

Oh Wonder’s 22 Break is the duet’s first material since last year and drops without warning next week! What do we know so far about it? “It takes two to break a heart,” Josephine and Anthony chant on the title track with fascinating chemistry. In between Halsey‘s soothing tones and Taylor Swift’s Red and Lover folk-pop guitars, we all dream of starting our relations from scratch. “Oh, I’ma give up, hold my hands up/Wave a white flag, say I f*cked up/My bad, that was my bad/I’ma give up, hold my hands up,” the chorus goes in a peaceful crescendo harmony, fully playing with all our senses. We got to admit our mistakes and accept the situations. Love is a complicated concept!

Scream Or Make It Up!

So don’t let the neighbourhood hear/Just how f*cked up it’s gotten here/Screaming at the top of our lungs/Am I not good enough?” Oh Wonder softly hums in their latest single ‘Don’t Let The Neighbourhood Hear.’ Let’s face it! A relationship can’t always be perfect and the pandemic reveals a new side of our personalities since we were locked in 24/7 with the same people in our homes. Distractions weren’t easy to find and caused so many tensions around. That’s what Oh Wonder tried to show us into their poetic and honest lyricism. Are you naturally sensible? If you cried while listening to Damon Albarn’s latest work, we guarantee you’ll shed a big flow of tears on the London duo’s new song that you can stream or download here!

Feel The Vulnerability

“It’s awkward, it’s vulnerable, but it also saved us,” explains Josephine Vander Gucht about the creation of the album. The partners in crime let all their feelings out to make a perfect sad breakup album to finally tie the knot a little bit after. The black and white aesthetic of their visual concept shows all the emotions floating in space. Through fire, water and anger, you always find a place for each other in your heart. Preorder Oh Wonder’s 22 Break various bundles here. Do you want to feel the warmth and comfort in 2022? The project embarks on tour and you don’t want to miss it! Get your tickets here!

Do you have some tips to avoid loneliness feelings? How do you cope with your relationship’s struggles and overcome them? Let us know how you like the Oh Wonder’s 22 Break tracks so far. Are you excited to hear the rest? Share your thoughts on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Josh Shinner

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