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8 Costume Ideas To Rock For Harryween

8 Costume Ideas To Rock For Harryween

Harry Styles‘ costume event Harryween is less than a month away! Now is a better time than ever to start locking down your costumes if you haven’t already! However, if you still have no idea what to wear, here are 8 costume ideas to kickstart your planning and inspire you if you have no idea what to wear.

Eroda Harry

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Who doesn’t love a fishy love story set in the gloomy island of Eroda? There are many iconic looks you can rock from the ‘Adore You’ music video, but the one we’re focusing on is the one seen in the thumbnail.

Image Source: Screen caps from the ‘Adore You’ Music video directed by Dave Meyers. Edited by Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP

This outfit involves four pieces: a long sleeve collar shirt (extra points if it has a whacky design like Harry’s), a sweater-vest/short-sleeved cardigan, plaid dress pants, and a brown belt (maybe black or brown some dress shoes too?).

Fruit Salad (Cherry, Watermelon, Banana, etc.)

Image Source: Amazon/ Mary Ellen Mathews for SNL/Rasata Imposta. Edited by Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP

This idea is one we’ve seen online at recent shows, but it’s still iconic. Coming to a show dressed up as a fruit is a great power move in our opinion. You’re sure to stand out at a regular show, so most likely, it will at a Harryween show too! Come with friends and dress up as different fruits to make a fruit salad! Or if you’re going alone, it’d be a good conversation starter if you see other lonely fruits.

Angel (‘Only Angel’)

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If you want to dress up but want to keep things simple, an angel is easy to do that with. All you need is a white dress or an all-white outfit with a halo (and since it’s Halloween season, that should be easy to find), and do your makeup and hair to your liking! If you want to go all out, you can even find some wings to complete the look! All angels look different, so there’s no need to look like a specific one! It’s on theme with Harry, especially if your fave Harry song is ‘Only Angel!’

Corden’s Angels

Image Source: GIPHY

Taking it back to the good ole 1D days. It’s been six years, or in other words, way longer than 18 months since this iconic James Corden sketch premiered, and it’s still iconic. For this outfit, there may be a bit of DIY work needed (check out the video below if you need some help), but overall very simple. Besides the “Corden’s Angel” top, you’ll need red basketball shorts, long socks, sweatbands, and converse shoes. Simple enough, and you can sweat in it at the show, no problem! 

Marcel (‘BSE’)

Image Source: GIPHY

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Another iconic Harry look from the 1D days, this time his character/alter ego from the ‘Best Song Ever’ music video, Marcel. To dress up like Marcel, it’s almost identical to dressing up as any nerd sweater vest, glasses and have your hair slicked back. However, if you want to make it more noted that you’re going for Marcel specifically, make sure to wear a brown sweater vest with a white collared shirt and a brown tie. Even if it’s not exact, it’s close enough that everyone will know that Marcel is the goal.

Jason (SNL)

Image Source: SNL “Jason” Screencap/ SNL “Jason” Thumbnail edited by Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP

Coming back to the Fine Line era, one of the most eventful nights was when Harry hosted SNL and performed as the Musical Guest at the same time. One of the night’s best sketches was the “Jason” video where Harry plays the cool jock younger brother, Jason, to Kyle Monney’s character, who raps about his dislike for Jason and his popularity. This look, although at first may seem complicated, is effortless to put together. You only need three main pieces to make it recognizable, a varsity jacket, jeans, and a funky shirt. All things that, if you don’t already have, can be easily attainable by going to a thrift store. (Bonus points if you wear a short blonde wig)

Joan Dog (SNL)

Image Source: Rosalind O’Connor for NBC

Another iconic sketch from the SNL night was the “Joan Song.” Where Harry plays a dog that becomes a human for an hour to a woman named Joan. Like the Jason outfit, this costume may seem complicated at first but can be easily attainable if you do some digging at a thrift store or online, if you don’t want to take your chances. You’ll need a dog collar (Go to a pet store and get the largest size), a striped sweater, dark trousers, and some dress shoes paired with high socks. 

Fine Line Album Cover Harry

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Last but certainly not least, is the iconic Fine Line album cover outfit. This outfit is everything you need for a Harryween show. It’s on the theme of Harry, it’s fashionable, it’s instantly recognizable, and of course, it’s iconic. There are three main pieces you will need: a pink dress shirt, pink suspenders, and white high-waisted dress pants. We would say add some nice boots for the final touch, but comfort is essential so do what makes you comfortable when dancing all night.

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No matter what you end up wearing to Harryween, make sure your number one priority is that you have fun and dance the night away all night! (It’s what Harry wants!)

Let us know what you’re wearing to Harryween and if this list inspired you by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

Want even more Harry to brighten your day? We gotchu!


Featured Image Source: Rosalind O’Connor for NBC/SNL “Jason” Thumbnail/Tim Walker/Screencap from the ‘Adore You’ Music video directed by Dave Meyers/Mary Ellen Mathews for SNL. Edited by Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP

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