Imagine Dragons Have Just Saved The ‘Monday’

Imagine Dragons Have Just Saved The ‘Monday’

Listen up, everyone! As THP, we don’t think there is a single thing Imagine Dragons can’t accomplish with their amazing music. They have recently saved the overwhelming meaning of the worst day of the week with their new single ‘Monday’ from their fifth studio album Mercury – Act 1

Mercury – Act 1 was released on September 3, and if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s time. This new album is a celebration of the most opposite, extreme sides of life. This concept album’s name comes from the word “mercurial,” which means the sudden changes of somebody’s mind. Especially with songs like ‘Monday,’ Imagine Dragons make us realize the absolute truth: even though there is grief and loss, as human beings we are still able to appreciate life and dance like there is no tomorrow. 

‘Monday’ is the fourth single coming from Mercury – Act 1, following their emotional song ‘Wrecked.’ The song and the music video is amazing representation of the album’s general theme. In the music video, we see our band in a heaven-like, peaceful, and bright place. Soon, we figure out that there are multiple disasters going on in the world, and Imagine Dragons seem like they couldn’t care less and keep on partying, living their best lives. The critical part is the end of the music video when we see the frontman Dan Reynolds go outside in a gas mask. Turns out this heavenly place is a doomsday bunker and they are just a bunch of people trying to survive. Unlike what we think while watching the music video, they care about what is going on outside but they still celebrate life. This is basically how survival instinct works and even when the doomsday is not outside but inside of our minds, this is what we try to do: shake it off and keep living. Very impressive symbolism, isn’t it?

dancing to imagine dragons 'monday'
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So, what are your thoughts on the music video for ‘Monday?’ Did your minds get blown as ours did? Tell us in our comments, and over on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! If you want more people in your life to freak out over your favorite artists like Imagine Dragons, don’t forget to join our Discord server, The Hive.

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