Quiz: Which SuperM Song Are You?

Quiz: Which SuperM Song Are You?

SuperM stans! Supporters? Spermies? What is it with SuperM fans not getting a fandom name?! We have to file a complaint we think. However, it’s been a while since we got new SuperM content and with Taemin and Baekhyun enlisted it’s going to be a bit longer until we get new banger music from the boys. But we are patiently waiting for a long-overdue comeback. Until then ‘We Do’ is our best friend!

But SuperM has delivered so many bangers already in the short two times since they have been active. We never seem to be able to choose a favorite song by them. Is it ‘Tiger Inside,’ ‘One,’ ‘100,’ or the iconic ‘Jopping?’ Argh, we can’t decide, all of them have been amazing in their own right. SuperM rightfully has the name of being a supergroup – the Avengers of K-Pop – and they have shown it every time we have got new music by them. They kind of went too hard with ‘We Do’ for it merely being a CF song at that for an insurance company! But with members from SHINee, EXO, NCT, and WayV nothing less was expected from a group of this caliber. After all, they are a group made out of some of the biggest talents coming out of SM.

Image Source: Gfycat

Sigh. This just makes us miss the boys being together even more! Give us a SuperM comeback, fast! But missing them has inspired us to find out which SuperM song we really are and we decided to share the way to find it out with you lucky bees! Make sure to take the quiz below to find out which SuperM song you truly are!

Wow, we can’t believe we got *redacted*!! We just love quizzes as they are so fun, ahhh! Which song did you get? How much do you miss SuperM? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!


Featured Image Source: JungMin Park for Billboard. Edited by Selina for The Honey POP.

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