‘Who’s In Your Head?’ Jonas Brothers Of Course!

‘Who’s In Your Head?’ Jonas Brothers Of Course!

Our favorite siblings are back! Currently smashing the US stages with their Remember This tour, The Jonas Brothers dropped the visuals for their groovy track ‘Who’s In Your Head?’ The bros break up the charts with only the swag they can show, taking over the top 25 countdowns in America and beyond! Holy moly, the video is so good! Check below if you are excited like us!

Image Source: Miller Mobley

Can We Get Backstage For Some Fun?

The New Jersey trio keeps the swag coming with the short-making-of video they posted on TikTok! Do you fancy a scooter ride with Kevin in town? Drown yourself into a coffee mug with your cup of Joe and relax? Designing your clothes with fabulous painting? Or settling in a construction site trying not to do bad things and get your feet stuck where they should not be? Jonas Brothers keep the fun and the dance-pop beats so close to us! Watch some dorky bits of the Jonas Brother’s ‘Who’s In Your Head?’ video creation below. All we can say is that they are adorable!


Just a few moments from the #WhosInYourHead video set 💭☕️💈🚧🎨🍕

♬ Who’s In Your Head – Jonas Brothers

Let’s Get Crazy!

Jonas Brothers ‘Who’s In Your Head?’ video is such an explosive kaleidoscope of colors! The band enlisted Lil Nas X‘s and Doja Cat‘s collaborator Christian Breslauer to put some happiness in our faces! They smash the concept and we relate! How can we resist thinking of their wonderful voice entering our brains while listening to their hits singles? Our hot siblings drive us crazy with their moves and catchy lyrics. We’re obsessively streaming non-stop on our different music platforms here. It’s also still time to catch a few dates of their Remember This tour! Hurry up and join the party! Get the tickets here!

‘Who’s In Your Head?’ right now? The Jonas Brothers keep winning our hearts each and every day. What is your fav part of the video? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Katia Temkin

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