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10 Life-Changing Lyrics From You Me At Six’s Sinners Never Sleep

10 Life-Changing Lyrics From You Me At Six’s Sinners Never Sleep

If you want to feel old, you have come to the right place. Because You Me At Six has huge plans to celebrate their famous album Sinners Never Sleep’s 10 year anniversary. Yes, you read that right, 10 years have passed since the band handed us over this beautiful album. 

For Sinner Never Sleep’s 10th anniversary, the band has planned two big things. The first one is giving the album its first vinyl pressing with the unreleased versions of songs with a deluxe x3 LP package. The package will be released on May 27, 2022, and is available to pre-order from here but, that’s not all. You Me At Six will also perform the whole album with two special shows on June 1 and 2. You can get the presale tickets by preordering the package.

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It is obvious that the next year will be You Me At Six’s year and we are so okay with that. In the end, Sinners Never Sleep changed our lives with their amazing music and of course, well-written lyrics. As THP, we think there couldn’t be a more right time than this to appreciate the lyrics of Sinners Never Sleep. So, if you have prepared tissues, let’s begin.

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“You never got to heaven / But you got real close”

Our first lyric comes from ‘Loverboy,’ one of the most popular songs by You Me At Six. The song is about a persona called ‘Loverboy’ who has no emotional feeling and uses people for their own benefit. The lyric is about the times we get so close to something we want to accomplish but can’t succeed because pride and greed get in the way. Isn’t it funny how these feelings are two of seven deadly sins?

“Such a pretty little thing / So much prettier without me”

Next lyric from Sinners Never Sleep’s second track, ‘Jaws On The Floor.’ It is pretty simple but still hurts. No matter what kind of person we are, sometimes, we can be bad to some pretty things, some pretty people. Sometimes it is not meant to be even though we try our best with our best version and accepting this is the maturity. 

“I wanna hate every part of you in me / I can’t hate the ones who made me”

This lyric from ‘Bite My Tongue’ is surely one of the lyrics that hit most when you think about it. Originally, these words represent lead vocalist Josh Franceschi’s frustration towards people who he worked with while making Sinners Never Sleep. However, they can mean totally something else to a different person. This lyric is the pure realization that comes to you when you realize something is totally off and you should be mad about it but there are still ties that keep you from showing your frustration. 

“You were the first one I loved / You were the first love I lost”

Simple but effective. Especially hits so bad when you think about the first person you have ever loved. Track four of Sinners Never Sleep, ‘This Is the First Thing’ is a perfect choice to listen to after your first real heartbreak.

“If I just saved you, you could save me, too”

‘No One Does It Better’ is a story-like song that doesn’t have a happy ending and the chorus says it all. This is a common feeling we have all felt at a certain point in our lives. We feel that our salvation comes from a person who also needs salvation, too. Human beings are simple most of the time. To take something, you should give something in return. However, we should never depend on any other person to save ourselves. It is a story we all know the ending of and this song shows it.

“Just like wildfire, been burning now for days / Tearing down those walls, nothing’s in our way”

Let’s be honest, we all cry every time we listen to ‘Crash’ because it makes us feel something, right? Oh God, especially this lyric hits so different. Wildfires are so strong and they are so hard to extinguish. They just burn whatever they come across, nothing can stop these kinds of fires. However, being a human form of a wildfire is dangerous because you don’t only burn your surroundings but also get hurt inside of that fire even though you think you are so powerful. With this lyric, You Me At Six tells us how harmful a relationship like this can be.

“You’ve been throwing bricks at my window / Like there’s no better way to say hello”

Manners, everyone, manners. Revenge is a very dangerous concept to get lost in. You can’t live your whole life trying to hurt someone just because of the past. You Me At Six mocks the concept with ‘Reckless’ and basically says that they don’t care. We mean, you can just go and say “hello,” right? 

“I’m the devil on your shoulder / Telling you that love is blind”

Another lesson we should learn from You Me At Six’s Sinners Never Sleep: love shouldn’t be blind. This is a saying we grew up with and actually, it’s very toxic and something the devil would tell. Love should be something pure, something that makes you feel happy and safe but if it’s toxic, then you end up only getting hurt more. In times like this, it is best to let go, instead of hiding behind the sentence “Love is blind” to justify something toxic. Listen to You Me At Six, they are right every time. 

“I’ve got a whole lot to learn / Every bridge I see, I seem to burn”

As we have said before, realizing some stuff is a huge part of any progress in your life and it still implies realizing things you don’t want to admit. Most of the time our ego gets in the way and it doesn’t allow us to see our mistakes. We tend to pass the blame to others. However, growing up and learning starts when you see that you can also be the reason for disasters. Thank you, You Me At Six for telling us to keep learning, especially about our inner self with ‘Little Bit Of Truth.’

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“When I was younger, you never said / When I was older, I’d feel helpless”

Our last but not least favorite lyric is from ‘When We Were Younger.’ When we were little kids, we thought the adults were so strong because they know everything, they know about life. So, when we grow up, we were going to be strong, too. All of our fears would go away, we would know what to do, how to deal with everything. Only when we actually did grow up, we saw the reality and it hurt. 

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What a geniusly written album, right? We couldn’t be more excited about Sinners Never Sleep’s 10th year anniversary. You can catch us listening to it with full volume at THP HQ.

What’s your favorite lyric from Sinners Never Sleep? Do you feel old as much as we do? Let us know in the comments, or talk to us on Twitter over @TheHoneyPop!

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