5 Lyrics From B.I’s ‘Lost At Sea (illa illa 2)’ That We Loved

5 Lyrics From B.I’s ‘Lost At Sea (illa illa 2)’ That We Loved

Blondbin is here, and he brought a new song with him. Well, not technically a new song but still a banger. B.I just dropped the English remix version of ‘illa illa’, which was the title of his first full album, Waterfall. And boy, is this a beautiful remix!

For this new version, called ‘Lost At Sea (illa illa 2),’ Hanbin teamed up with Bipolar Sunshine and Afgan, and it slaps. We had no idea the original song could get any better than it already was. Afgan and Bipolar Sunshine’s voices perfectly compliment Hanbin‘s vocals and make ‘Lost At Sea (illa illa 2)’ a whole new experience.

B.I Lost At Sea illa illa 2
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We are so blown away by this new version and its lyrics that we had to pick our five favorite lyrics from the song that we loved and got us excited for KHB2! Let’s get into it.

Make sure to stream ‘Lost At Sea (illa illa 2)’ here.

“Alone on this island, got lost on the way
Without you in my sight, feels like I’m so out of place“

Bipolar Sunshine opens the first verse beautifully with these two lines making us miss a lover we never had and captures the feeling of a love gone but not forgotten. These two lines really bring us a lot of comfort as every one of us has felt lost after losing a person important to us before.

“Run my sleeves over my eyes
Where are you going without me?

Afgan comes in strong with his second verse and completely undoes everything inside of the listener. These two lines are so desperate and honest. We know how it feels to be lost and alone suddenly. Stopping the tears is hard, but we can all make it through eventually.

“Missing you is what I’m doing best right now
Heavyhearted, that’s my home address right now“

We are not going to lie, we never knew we needed this B.I English rap during the third verse until we got it, and it is absolutely everything to us now. These two lines show B.I’s lyrical genius through and through and really hit us in the chest. Missing a person that has always been there but is now gone is painful.

“These scars ain’t nothing new to me
Goodbyes ain’t nothing new to m

Yes, we had to pick more lines from Hanbin’s rap verse just because it is so beautiful (and we can). These two lines show us so much more about what it means to be alive. We meet people throughout our lives. We lose some along the way, leaving scars behind. Goodbyes are something sad, but we all get used to them eventually. Hanbin really outdid himself as per usual.

“No more tears falling down my face
Just like sand, we drift away”

The outro of ‘Lost At Sea (illa illa 2)’ offers the perfect closure to this emotional journey. No matter how hard and painful a breakup or losing a person is, the tears will stop eventually. We drift apart naturally and move on. We keep going like the waves of the sea and the tide that keeps pulling the sand into the ocean. “illa illa…”

B.I Lost At Sea illa illa 2
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‘Lost At Sea (illa illa 2)’ is a beautiful and brilliant collab and feels like the perfect continuation to Hanbin’s ‘illa illa.’ We are obsessed! What is your favorite lyric from this new remix? Are you ready for Blondbin to take over? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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