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ENHYPEN Tracks To Listen To While You Wander The Seas

ENHYPEN Tracks To Listen To While You Wander The Seas

It seems much like with Odysseus, ENHYPEN will have their own journey, going through three trials, which is representative of the different versions of their upcoming Dimension: Dilemma album. The album is set for release October 12th, and you can preorder the different versions of the album ‘Odysseus,’ ‘Scylla,’ and ‘Charybdis,’ or the set through their Weverse Shop, and guess what? The group has already reached 600K preorders! Great Job Engene!

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We were beyond excited when we saw the first teaser trailer and pics ENHYPEN released, since we really love Greek Mythology here at THP HQ, and knew we had to do a little special something something for you.

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So get ready, because a journey awaits you, you’ll soon be wandering the seas as Odysseus once did, and you will face many challenges along the way, but what’s better company than music!

Here’s where it all begins (‘Intro: Walk The Line’)

What better way to start your journey than with ‘Intro: Walk The Line,’ it is a perfect way to begin. Get ready for new challenges and obstacles, you probably haven’t faced before. It’s going to be a long journey.

After You Succeeded In Your First Trial: The Lure Of The Sirens (‘Drunk-Dazed’)

Okay but ‘Drunk Dazed’ is the perfect song to describe the serotonin you get after going over that very first obstacle. An obstacle you didn’t even know you could overcome. But this is only the beginning, so celebrate while you are ahead.

Scylla & Charybdis (‘Mixed Up’)

You are still on a high from your first victory, but this one is a lot harder than expected. You are up against things you never even dreamed about, there is still so much to learn. Were you even ready for this challenge? Of course, you are, it’s just another roadblock.

Cattle Of The Sun (‘Given-Taken’)

Much like Odysseus in the Cattle Of The Sun, you are doubting everything you’ve done and faced. ‘Given-Taken’ revels in the thought of celebrating the wins you have, while also having that self-doubt if it was a victory.

Long Road Home (‘Forget Me Not’)

You passed over every challenge that was in your way, doubt and fear no longer stick to you, as you relish in your victories. ‘Forget Me Not’ is the perfect end of destination/est track there is.

It’s Time To Celebrate! (‘Outro: Cross The line’)

It was only reasonable to open with ‘Intro: Walk The Line,’ and end with ‘Outro: Cross The Line.’ Finally, you’re back home, you’ve overcome a lot of obstacles, big and small along the way, and have come out different than how you started. What will the future hold for you?

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Featured Image Source: BELIFT LAB

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