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Badflower Has Provided Us An Album For The End Of The World

Badflower Has Provided Us An Album For The End Of The World

Are you ready to fall in love with another band? Well, you won’t be able to resist after listening to the latest Badflower record, This Is How The World Ends. There have been so many records that have come out within the last year, but something about This Is How The World Ends sets it apart from anything else. Perhaps it’s the honestly in the lyrics or the passion you can hear so clearly that this band has for their craft. And while we wouldn’t describe This Is How The World Ends as ‘cohesive’ we don’t consider that a bad thing. Some of the best albums of all time, like Taylor Swift’s Red, aren’t considered to be cohesive. Yet, like with the album we’re talking about today, each song on its own is such a work of art, that it’s all that matters.

We’re going to take you through our top five tracks off This Is How The World Ends! We hope you find your new favorite song!

Image Source: Courtesy of Big Machine/John Varvatos Records

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This track starts slow and softer and builds to this incredible ending. Anyone who’s had trouble with realizing maybe ‘Family’ isn’t who you’re related to, will relat. After all, maybe blood doesn’t mean as much as people make it out to.

‘Only Love’

‘Only Love’ is our favorite song from This Is How The World Ends. If you need solid convincing that Badflower is breathing new life into the rock genre, ‘Only Love’ will serve you that on a silver platter. We cannot get enough of this track.

‘My Funeral’

‘My Funeral’ was the perfect way to end this album. Imagining your funeral is such a dark thing, wondering who will be there, who will grieve. But hey, with so many people dealing with depression, one way so many of us cope is through music.

‘She Knows’

‘She Knows’ is a softer song. It’s all about the realization that your partner has discovered something that has changed things between you guys. It’s that inner battle with being able to fess up and admit when you’re in the wrong.


‘Tethered’ is the song that instantly got us hooked on this record and made us want to write about it for all of you. This song is a highlight of the whole year for us. ‘Tethered’ showcases what an incredible band Badflower is, and showcases what a crazy voice the lead singer has.

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Featured Image Source: Big Machine & John Varvatos Records

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