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10 Golden Child Songs For Your Playlist After ‘DDARA’

10 Golden Child Songs For Your Playlist After ‘DDARA’

Goldenness! Nessies! We are so happy to see Golden Child grace us with their third comeback this year. After Golcha saved our summer with Latin inspired bop ‘Ra Pam Pam,’ they are back with the new jack swing inspired ‘DDARA.’ Autumn? Saved too! This song just proves yet again how Golden Child can make any genre their own and that their harmonies are no joke (Y and Joochan we owe you our lives!).

With the repackaged of their second full album not disappointing us at all and ‘DDARA’ being stuck in everyone’s head, we thought it was the perfect time to recommend you some Golden Child songs as their discography deserves all the love. Here are ten songs for your playlist!

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But first, make sure to stream ‘DDARA’ here!


Missing 2nd Gen K-Pop as much as we are? Well, Golden Child has the perfect song for us to fill those needs. ‘Lady’ is still, to this day, one of our favorite Golcha songs and needs a spot on your playlist.


We had to include the new b-side from the repackaged on this list. ‘Oasis’ was co-written and composed by no other than Golden Child’s Tag and our boy outdid himself with this banger! As another new song, ‘Oasis’ has to be on your playlist.

‘Bottom Of The Ocean’

We are not going to deny that at first, we didn’t even realize that ‘Bottom Of The Ocean’ was completely in English. The song really hits the spot musically and is one of our favorite b-sides from Game Changer. English Golcha sounds just as good as Korean Golcha.

‘One (Lucid Dream)’

Jaehyun’s hole in his hand might still haunt us but that doesn’t make ‘One (Lucid Dream)’ less of a bop. The song was definitely the beginning of a new era for Golden Child and aged like the finest of wine. Ugh how do they never miss?


Golden Child’s first full album Re-Boot had so many good songs to offer but we had to go with the soft and upbeat ‘Lately’ for your playlist! Listen to this and tell us it is not making your day 150% better!


Alongside the moody ‘One (Lucid Dream)’ on the Take a Leap album, Golcha gifted us the groovy ‘OMG.’ The Basketball themed music video has to be one of our favorite things about it. How could we not include this jam?


Bright Child has to be one of our favorite things in the entire universe. ‘Genie’ instantly puts a smile on our faces from the first note on and the boys’ vocals and harmonies are no jokes here! Choose happiness and put this on your playlist.

‘Lean On Me’

Almost exactly a year ago Golden Child came back with their second single album Pump It Up and the b-side that stuck with us the most is ‘Lean On Me.’ Jangjun’s and Tag’s raps just hit differently here.

‘I’m Falling’

Has anyone called for a throwback? Let’s take it all the way back to 2018 and Golden Child’s second mini-album. ‘I’m Falling’ is such a fun b-side and while our focus might be ‘Lady’ from that album ‘I’m Falling’ is a hidden gem! What a bop.

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‘Pump It Up’

As pretty obvious Bright Child enthusiasts we have to end it with ‘Pump It Up’ as we couldn’t just leave it with ‘Lean On Me’ from the single album. ‘Pump It Up’ goes straight to your ears, honestly, Seungmin definitely has to have the catchiest line ever!

One thing is for sure Golden Child never misses and we have yet to find a song we don’t like. Golcha has a flawless discography but nothing else was expected from INFINITE’s little brother group, listen to us and complete your playlist with these Golden Child songs you won’t regret it.

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What did you think about ‘DDARA?’ What’s your favorite Golden Child song? Did we mention it? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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