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6 Things We Love About Youngjae’s Solo Debut

6 Things We Love About Youngjae’s Solo Debut

Youngjae has just released his solo EP Colors From Ars! This EP is Youngjae’s solo debut and his first album release with Sublime Artist Agency. He joined Sublime Artist Agency in January 2021 after his contract with JYP Entertainment expired. He has since starred in the Midnight Sun musical and released several singles and original soundtracks (OSTs).

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Colors From Ars features a total of seven songs, and it is amazing from start to finish. The mini-album has a mix of dance, ballad, and R&B songs. And we at THP are so in love with Youngjae’s vocals. Here are six things we love about his solo debut!

Youngjae solo debut concept photos
Image Source: Youngjae via Twitter

Seeing Ars In The Credits Of Every Song

Youngjae’s producing name is Ars, which means “art” in Latin. He has been writing songs and lyrics under that name since 2016. And seeing him get credited in the lyrics, music, and arrangement for each song on the EP makes us feel so proud! We love listening to Colors From Ars, especially after knowing that Youngjae played a huge part in its production.

The Title Track

Let’s take a moment to rave about the title track. ‘Vibin’ is a funky, upbeat song about dancing, partying, and just vibing with great company. The music video has everything from aesthetics to choreography. We can tell Youngjae is having a good time expressing himself freely through his music and dance moves.

Youngjae’s TikToks With Got7

Of course, this solo debut needs a TikTok dance challenge! Youngjae dances to ‘Vibin’ along with Yugyeom, BamBam, and Jay B, a few of his fellow Got7 members. They have all released their own solo projects this year, and seeing all of their support for one another is so heartwarming! We just can’t handle how wholesome they are!

His Sweet Vocals In ‘Eternal’

‘Eternal’ sounds like it came straight out of a romance drama OST. Youngjae sings so sweetly about how quickly time passes when you’re with the person you love. You want moments with them to last forever. And so, this song is meant to preserve those memories. Youngjae wrote all of the lyrics for this song, and now we want to cry.

Youngjae solo debut eternal performance
Image Source: Sublime Artist Agency

The Romantic Lyrics Of ‘Roses’

This whole EP draws on all of our senses when it comes to love. ‘Roses’ is a song about how comforting your partner makes you feel. Their scent and their aura are so powerful. And everything feels better when you’re with them. So you bloom like a rose.

The Chill Vibes In ‘Moonlight’

‘Moonlight’ is the type of song you play on a late-night drive for any occasion. You can blast it with the windows down, or you can chill with it playing in the background. Youngjae sings about yearning to be with a special someone. He knows it will happen eventually, so he dreams about slow dancing in the moonlight together.

Colors From Ars is truly a gift from Youngjae to all his fans. We can hear how much thought he put into each song. He has been able to showcase his incredible voice to us, as well as his impressive songwriting and composing.

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Youngjae solo debut teaser
Image Source: Sublime Artist Agency

If this EP was any indication, Youngjae has a wonderful solo career ahead of him. We can’t wait to see what else he’ll share with us!

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Featured Image Source: Youngjae via Twitter

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