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Let’s Get To Know Joohoney Together!

Let’s Get To Know Joohoney Together!

Because we love to celebrate the talents of our favorite artists, why not drop a new list on Joohoney? Being one of the most versatile artists of our time, the list could go on and on for days. However, for the sake of our time, let’s sum up some of the most amazing talents that this boy has and the reasons why loving MONSTA X’s oldest rapper is an amazing life choice.

If you don’t know him yet, let’s get to know Joohoney together!

Vicious Rapper

This is the most obvious, right? Jooheon is one of the most talented rappers of the generation. His skills are incomparable. Nonetheless, we cannot stop pointing it out, because it’s not just technique. Jooheon carries an emotion to his performances that a lot of artists can only dream about. Even at 60 words per second, this man can make you feel exactly what he wants you to without much effort.

That Honey Voice

For some people, it might even come as a surprise, because not all rappers risk with their vocals. Or even when they do, it’s rare to find them with a vocal range or timber that rivals other singers. Jooheon’s voice sounds like honey, but it’s also powerful and much like his rap, emotional. In their English discography, exclusively, MONSTA X have adopted a style mainly without any rap verses. And Jooheon certainly does show off well his vocals.

Lyricist & Producer Extraordinaire

These days, it’s pretty common for artists to intervene in their own albums and releases, revealing their talents behind the cameras as much as in front of them. Since the beginning, however, Jooheon has demonstrated his talents in this field as well. Almost every single rap verse on MONSTA X’s songs have been written by either him or his co-member I.M or both.

But it doesn’t stop there. Jooheon has also been one of the group’s main producers – the group’s last comeback title track ‘Grambler’ was his creation. In addition, he has also produced for their label mate groups CRAVITY and BOYFRIEND, as well as Madclown and each of the members from MONSTA X themselves. But the list does not end there, as he has worked with several other artists in the field as well.

If you still have your doubts, we highly recommend his last Mixtape Psyche.

JooHoney & JooFunny

Behind his rough mask, Joohoney is actually a very lovable cutie and a very funny person. There is a reason why MONSTA X’s Minhyuk so affectionately attached himself to Jooheon most time. After all, we can relate to this very much aggressive need to smoother him with love and affection.

Either being during the group’s broadcasts and making the others laugh. Or just being an overall amazing uncle to his adorable niece Olivia, Jooheon can really melt everyone’s hearts and make them love him even more.

He Can Dance!

But did you think Jooheon’s talents ended here? Not at all! Aside from rapper, singer, and producer, Joohoen is also an amazing dancer. His sharp moves and energic presence really make him a full artist. We could blend this with his stage persona that really is sometimes the total opposite of his real-life self.

Jooheon has a stage presence and a charisma that can barely be compared to a lot of top artists these days. And even when it’s not his main function in the group, Jooheon surely does know how to be up for the task.

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Overall, Joohoney is just simply amazing. We could go on about his talents and moments when we fell in love over and over again. But do you need any more reasons to love him? See some more moments where Joohoney showcases his talent here! Make sure to keep your eyes on him, for sure he will keep surprising and enchanting us!

Don’t forget to share your excitement and best Joohoney moments with us at @TheHoneyPop

In love with Monsta X? Let’s find them together!


Featured Image Source: Jooheon via Instagram @ joohoneywalker

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