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Justin Bieber Gives Us A Glimpse Into Amazon Prime Special, Our World With Trailer

Justin Bieber Gives Us A Glimpse Into Amazon Prime Special, Our World With Trailer

Ladies and gents, he’s back! He’s back better and stronger than ever before. Yes. We’re talking about our main man Justin Bieber. Who hit the stage on New Year’s Eve, the first time since 2017’s monster of a Purpose Stadium Tour, and is bringing the whole affair plus a lot of behind-the-scenes (some self-shot) content, to us, broke people who cannot afford more than an Amazon Prime Subscription.

The trailer sees Bieber in full-on prep mode for his comeback concert, T-Mobile Presents New Year’s Eve Live with Justin Bieber, the hardships of hosting one during a major crisis like a pandemic, and some self-filmed personal moments with his wife and family.

“I just wanted to create a night that was gonna bring people together and people could just let go and enjoy themselves, I’m excited to get back on that stage, make people smile, make people happy.”

The video features a voice-over that speaks on how Justin has evolved from a young-blooded pop superstar to the grounded, faithful man and husband he has become. And honestly, we love it! We love how he’s grown into his best self now and is at peace with his life and art!

Directed by Michael D. Ratner, the 94-minute film will follow Justin in the weeks leading up to his New Year’s Eve 2020 performance atop the Beverly Hilton Hotel accompanied by a five-piece band and a crew of dancers. The show 240 fans attending in person, and the rest watched it from their homes via live-stream on VenewLive powered by T-Mobile’s 5G technology.

On filming and performing amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, Jules Ferree, Justin’s management company – SB Projects’ head of brand partnerships said, “We followed all of the local and industry COVID-19 protocols, making sure that everyone had been tested,” in addition to the strict regulations related to accommodations.

As we can clearly notice, Justin was very intimately present in how the evening would look and sound. “Justin worked so hard on this show,” adds Ferree. “He’s been extremely involved every single day since he went into rehearsals, which was back in November. He’s been wanting to perform, and this is a huge production.”

The setlist boasting a total of 21 songs features tracks from his then-latest album, 2020’s GRAMMY-nominated – Changes, some good ol’ JB bangers we all grew up to, like the eternal hits ‘Baby’ and ‘Boyfriend.’ Then there were the pop-culture milestones like ‘Sorry’ and ‘What Do You Mean?’ The night was closed out with ‘Anyone,’ which dropped at midnight that same day, another one in the long list of Justin Bieber bops from 2021’s Justice.

One of the highlights of the nights was when the song ‘Holy’ came on, and Justin name-dropped his wife and went all “I Love You” from the stage! So cute, our hearts hurt.

All of this seriously reminds us how much of a powerhouse of a performer and artist Justin Bieber is, and we’re so glad he’s back in the game after the much-needed healing and changes he needed to allow himself to have. It is seriously such a joy to see him happy, well-rested, invested in his art and on stage, after all this while.

What is even more of a joy is how he is letting us in on everything he’s going through and showing us that it takes just as much hard work and soul into putting out something as perfect as a show like his and constantly keep being the Justin Bieber.

And like the amazing person he is, for all of us who missed out on this iconic show, he’s letting us re-live it all on Our World – a perfect precursor to getting us all hyped up for 2022’s Justice World Tour.

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We really said – “And if I can’t be close to you/ I’ll settle for the ghost of you,” and bam! – we have Our World. Beliebers, we are so spoiled, and boy do we love Justin even more for this (just when we thought it was physically impossible)!

‘Hold On,’ we need you to ‘Stay,’ and let us remind you the date besties – October 8th. On Amazon Prime Video. In Our World. See you there.

Let us know what you think of the film in the comments below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or on Instagram and Facebook, and for everything, Justin Bieber that you might possibly need to know just hit us up here!

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