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The Bees Knees Explores The Rocking World Of Music!

The Bees Knees Explores The Rocking World Of Music!

The Bees Knees still rocking with legends and new artists this week! What should you listen to this week? Let’s break down some of the best new music from the last few days! From vintage sounds to grooves and rocking vibes, there is surely something that will fit your latest playlist!

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Rock on with The Bees Knees and we guarantee you won’t Blink Once! With Arkells, enjoy all the little moments with your loved one! Groove to the solid guitar anthems. “I took the hit and I got back up/Do it again with all that I’ve got/Here’s the rules: Stay strong for me/And I’ll stay strong for you, ” Arkell’s chants in the infectious chorus of ‘Strong.’ Following difficulties it’s time to get up again and feel the energy! The electro hooks are so magnetic playing in harmony with the refreshing drum beats. Any Wallows fans out there? You’ll love the fast-paced guitar tricks and wonderful addictive choruses! Sing along and the Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels only tell you to Blink Once! The positivity on this Arkell’s album beams with a well-grounded production. Get your recommended dose of pop-rock with Arkells’ new record here!

Marco Tamimi – ‘All I Know’

Let’s face a little bit more melancholia with a glitter pop ballad from Marco Tamimi on The Bees Knees rising artist and heartfelt tracklist! The Cambridgeshire singer-songwriter flies high with his 3.6 million streams on Spotify and it’s well deserved! Especially since we heard his later work of art ‘All I Know.’ The emotively fuelled ballad explodes in a melodic piano cry. We’re so obsessed as much we are with Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Before You Go.’ “You’re faking a smile as you brave the cold/This world it can hurt you/Bruise you and blame you/But I’ll help you break your fall,” he drops with such sensibility inspired by Finneas slow tones. No matter how you feel, “All I Know” is that someone will always care about you. The song is a hymn for hope and a blessing comfort to our minds! Marco Tamimi is shining and get more info on his projects here.

NEIKED X Mae Muller X Polo G – ‘Better Days’

We know Mae Muller‘s skills for her soul and sexy ballads. She now explores other avenues and makes us dance on ‘Better Days’ making with Polo G and NEIKED. “Living in a haze, staying in the shade All I do is sit around and wait for better days,” the chorus beats infectiously in our ears! We first have a glance at Mae Muller on Liam Payne’s The LP Show Act 2 and, since, we are obsessed by her swag and confidence! Her new piece ‘Better Days’ brights high with the stellar production from Swedish-based NEIKED! What to say about the catchy rap lines from Polo G? Incredibly addictive! Sunny days are closer than you think! Mae Muller, Polo G, and NEIKED fire up the disco with optimism. Choose your music platform and get your shoes on the dance floor here!

Ben Chandler – Unity

Let’s unite with positivity with The Bees Knees newcomer artist Ben Chandler. It’s okay to make ‘Young Mistakes’ but we can have ‘Faith’ in ourselves to make up for them! The Florida-based singer praise happiness as he gives us “Anything, anything you wanted, baby/Anything, you can go and get it, baby.” From one track to another, he captivates us with his soul and riffs! Fans of The Happy Fits and The Wombats would love the cool vibes mixed with the instrumental experimentations. Melting pop, rock, and psychedelia, the dreamy journey starts here! Do you have Oscar Lang amongst your favs? You should add Ben Chandler to your list. Dive into the sonic grooves and hectic strings! Let’s grow old together and stream Ben Chandler’s Unity here.

Dora Jar – ‘Scab Song’

Out of my body/Floating like a leaf/Following the river ’til the end of time/I want infinity,” sings newcomer Dora Jar on ‘Scab Song,’ her latest single. We can be hurt, it heals with a scab and we admire how we get over our mental or physical injuries. We are though and strong in all the little delicacies. Introducing folkish tones, ‘Scab Song’ is a breath of fresh air with sparkling soft guitars in harmonies with the Californian rising artist angelic vocals. Produced by Remi Wolf’s collaborator Jared Soloman, her new material stuns with its magnificent melodic beauty. In between the dreamy songwriting of Lana Del Rey and the cute acoustic guitar riffs of Olivia Rodrigo, Dora Jar’s ‘Scab Song’ make us very emotional. We can’t wait for what’s cooking for next year! For more info and to keep up to date with Dora Jar, click here!

12AM – After Midnight

Canada’s ‘Cold Season’ is coming! 12AM moved from the northern lands to Los Angeles and his creative bonds follow! The rising artist got our attention at The Bees Knees with After Midnight. Crave for more The Kid LAROI or KSI-infused vibes? Fighting the demons with his rhymes, 12AM loudly expresses the ‘Voices’ in his head! Do you feel that chaos invades your mind? Take a journey into a messy psychedelic and terrific world with the official video! Along with many collaborators like Pyrex, Jutes, and The Hxliday, he knows how to make catchy grooves. The intricate loops suit perfectly the smooth late-night ambiances. Do you fancy a drink and want to ‘come over’ rocking your hips to the luscious beats! Fill your sleepless nights and stream 12AM latest record here.

Jeremy Shada – Vintage

Crooners and jazzmen are your music weakness? Are you obsessed with Michael Bublé’s stylish grooves? You’ll be happy to hear from new rising artist Jeremy Shada. Are you a fan of Julie And The Phantoms? We are so in love with his Reggie Peters character! Jeremy Shada is not only burning the TV! He’s also got incredible Sinatra-infused tones. On his new record Vintage, he shows the pop star but also the cinematic creative one! He ‘Bewitched’ us with his ragtime melodies and his funkish saxophones and joyful drums. ‘This Feels Right’ and we all want this ‘Gentleman’ in our lives. Even in the saddest part ‘Singing In The Rain’ or daydreaming on ‘If Looks Could Kill,’ he captivate us! From upbeat songs to melancholia, we admire his versatile retro-inspired side! Stream Jeremy Shada’s latest album Vintage here!

Oberhofer – ‘SUNSHiiNE’

We all need a bit of ‘SUNSHiiNE,’ don’t we? New York’s Oberhofer brings some rays of happiness with his new song! He loves to tease what’s coming up! Preorder his next album Smothered, full of interesting collaborations, here! On ‘SUNSHiiNE,’ we go crazy over The Strokes’ Nick Valensi guitar solo and the mellow guitar riffs. We sway into a sea of dreams with bright melodies. Shamir also adds some magic with mesmerizing spoken words rhymes. “When I met you/ My heart skipped a beat/When I’m with you/ I feel so complete/My sunshine,” Oberhofer croons with low falsettos and hooks we can’t get enough of. His music is everything to us and radiates with a hopeful musical light. Listen to one of the tracks that stole The Bees Knees heart this week! Stream ‘SUNSHiiNE’ here.

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AFI – ‘Caught’

11 albums later, we are ‘Caught’ in the moment with 90s legends AFI. “In the lightest/Rare, requited kiss/You a light and I, abyss,” Davey Havok hums softly in the brand new track. After the success Of Bodies (stream or download here), the band released that take from their recording sessions. Inspiration floating when bands write records and sadly they have to sacrifice what’s making the cut! Gladly, the band loved that song so much that they gave it for Kes Glozier’s short film Where We Used To Meet along with other songs from Bodies. Their gothic sensibility blends dark and hopeful lyrics. They can heavy rock like Coheed and Cambria, but also pop up with soft guitar hums to make us feel better. Where do can get their physical or digital copy of the exclusive track? Click here!

Which of these tracks did you stream over and over! Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram! Spread the magic words!

Do you want to keep up to date with your favs or rising artists? We got more new smashing song from The Bees Knees here!

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