Dave Grohl Proves He’s The Greatest Storyteller Of All Time

Dave Grohl Proves He’s The Greatest Storyteller Of All Time

There’s no doubt that Dave Grohl is a truly great storyteller, one of the best of all time! And, now he’s proving it with his brand new book The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music. In two of the greatest bands of all time, Nirvana and Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl has now taken his unique perspective from over 30 years in the music industry and transformed it into a book we’ve dreamed of reading! Released on October 5th, the book is equal parts an autobiography, and a celebration of music itself; there are tales about anyone you can name from Prince to Joan Jett to Sir Paul McCartney.

As we all know, Grohl is a man who doesn’t stop, but when the pandemic forced him to pause, it gave him the opportunity to try something new. As a result, his Instagram, @davestruestories was born. The man behind songs such as ‘Everlong,’ ‘The Pretender,’ and ‘All My Life’ has taken his writing abilities in a new direction and we couldn’t be happier to read it during ‘Times Like These!’

The Instagram page was something special, a real insight into what has been a very unique life and career, thanks to an equally unique mind. From there, as it often does, Dave’s storytelling took on a life of its own and now we have 400 pages to enjoy!

“Since I was a child, I have always measured my life in musical increments rather than months or years. My mind faithfully relies on songs, albums, and bands to remember a particular time and place. From seventies AM radio to every microphone I’ve stood before, I could tell you who, what, where, and when from the first few notes of any song that has crept from a speaker to my soul. Or from my soul to your speakers. Some people’s reminiscence is triggered by taste, some people’s by sight or smell. Mine is triggered by sound, playing like an unfinished mixtape to be sent.

Dave Grohl, from the introduction of The Storyteller

The early reviews of The Storyteller have been nothing short of admiration, describing it as “Kinetic” (Booklist), and a “soulful story a cut above typical rock memoirs” (Publisher’s Weekly). Here at The Honey POP, we can’t wait to sink our teeth into it!

Though I have never been one to collect ‘stuff,’ I do collect moments. So, in that respect, my life flashes before my eyes through my ears every single day. In this book, I’ve captured some of them, as best I can. These memories, from all over my life, are full of music, of course. And they can be loud at times.”

Dave Grohl, from the introduction of The Storyteller

Have you read The Storyteller yet? We’re dying to hear what you think! Tweet us @thehoneypop or write to us on Facebook or Instagram.



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