No More ‘Waiting,’ WOODZ’ Comeback Is Here And We Love It!

No More ‘Waiting,’ WOODZ’ Comeback Is Here And We Love It!

Guitar riffs, a dramatic love story and a hint of Latin vibes; WOODZ comes back with ‘Waiting’ and we are no less short of addicted to it.

We have to admit, even as fans of WOODZ’s more usual R&B style, ‘Waiting’ comes like a fresh breeze and enchants with a very upbeat rhythm. The percussion is actually a severe contrast with the actual tragic story it portrays, however.

‘Waiting’ is a song that fits its time well. The song brushes over the newest trends such as Latin pop and groovy rhythm. However, it also blends so fantastically with the guitar and drum riffs which peak at a slightly more rock sound. It’s like a touch of everything good without filtering into a very common sound.

WOODZ’s voice is also, of course, a key point for this piece. The sweet and breathy voice flashes this song. We could take the risk and say that it’s actually the bridge between so many different components. Even singing about a poisonous love, WOODZ’s voice pulls us in seamlessly.

The former Produce 101 contestant’s journey has been coming up to the highlights. During 2020, WOODZ’s work has gained more and more of its deserved attention. ‘Waiting’ seems to be a perfect piece to bring on new followers and introduce the artist generally. Because, really, this song has been stuck in our heads all day long.

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Rita Louren

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9 days ago

no more sleeping on this talented singer

🤍소식🖤SOSICK (@s2_sosick_s2)

WOODZ🔥🔥 all the songs in this album are sooo good dont miss the chance to listen to the masterpiece👍

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