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Celebrate Halloween by Binging These Spooktacular Music Videos

Celebrate Halloween by Binging These Spooktacular Music Videos


Whenever the holiday season approaches, we all look forward to it with so much enthusiasm. Especially the eerie month of Spooktacular October, which brings us Halloween packed with thrills and jump scares. Leaves changing colors and pumpkin spice latte mean the arrival of fall. Trick or treat, bags of sweets, ghostly strolls down the streets, pumpkins, spiders, fancy costumes, shadows mutter, mist replies, and darkness purrs as midnight sighs! 

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Everyone has a different way of enjoying Halloween, whether by watching classic movies, listening to music, decorating, carving pumpkins, or attending costume parties. In honor of Halloween this year, here are some of our favorite music videos that exude creepiness. These should give you the chills, but hopefully, not enough jump scares that you hide behind your pillow. There are some eerie instrumentals, creepy lyrics, and dark visuals. These videos are incredibly catchy and entertaining but can also be spooky or even disturbing, making them an excellent choice for any Halloween party.

Be prepared for sleepless nights. You are welcome. Happy Halloween!

Warning: Some of the following videos contains flashing and graphic images.

‘Bury A Friend’- Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is unquestionably one of the most successful musicians of modern times. Her songs exhibit unique and distinctly resonant visuals, lyrics, and sonic tone, the same witnessed in ‘Bury A Friend.’ Written by Billie and her co-writer and producer brother Finneas, this music video explores the themes of death, disorientation, identity, and monster hood. The song opens with a voice calling Billie, followed by the nineteen-year-old singer singing from the perspective of a monster, asking, “why aren’t you scared of me?” The video features shots of people sticking needles into her back, Billie watching a man sleep under someone’s bed, and her walking down and floating into a dark corridor that is guaranteed to give you goosebumps and chills.

‘Teeth’- 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer sinks deeper into the darkness with the music video for “Teeth,” which portrays a toxic relationship in a truly terrifying manner. Luke Hemmings’ soaring vocals combined with powerful instrumentals completely embraced industrial sounds and rhythms. The music video features everyone in a dentist’s office subjected to erroneous experiments resulting in their individual hell lands. As we explore the room, we find Luke in a foggy room, Ashton sitting in a linen-walled room, Calum trying to pull big bricks using chains, and Michael climbing up a tall ladder. In their dreams, the members successfully escape their hellscape. The video is weird and creepy yet exciting, which makes it a perfect addition to our list.

‘Disturbia’- Rihanna

Here, we are revisiting an old Rihanna song that is timeless and a Halloween must-hear. ‘Disturbia’ is an electropop mega-hit that led to her becoming the global superstar she is today. A creepy music video sets the song against the backdrop of a bizarre psychiatric facility, where she gives us a glimpse into the mind of a crazy person. The song revolves around themes of anxiety and confusion. It looks as though Rihanna used lens technology that made her eyes appear to roll back, which gave the video an eerie quality that is sure to leave you with goosebumps. Infused with elements of delusion, psychosis, and even Rihanna trapped in a cage, this video gives you the impression that you have walked through a deceptive haunted house that left you feeling much more than “disturbed.”

‘Thriller’- Michael Jackson

The Halloween season has begun, and it would be impossible to celebrate it without listening to and watching this timeless video. As one of the greatest songs of all time, it is undoubtedly the anthem of Halloween. Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ which debuted in 1984, remains the defining song of Halloween. With this song, Michael Jackson redefined the concept of the music video, creating a standalone event. The most impressive part is the epic sequence of him dancing with hordes of undead. Michael’s songs rank among the best of all time, a testament to his perfection and personality. The legacy of Michael Jackson will live on until the sun shines forever, without a doubt.

‘Given-Taken’- ENHYPEN

The monster rookies have finally arrived! The band has delivered one of our favorite vampire concepts to date, and we couldn’t stop watching this masterpiece of a music video. The band’s confidence in their ability to overcome uncertainty is impressive. The breathtaking visuals of this music video immediately captivate us, depicting ENHYPEN running towards the unknown in search of its identity. With a vampire theme and stunning sets combined with a backdrop of desserts to resemble a real horror movie, this video is engaging and satisfying to watch on a Halloween night.

‘Die A Little’- Yungblud

“All you gotta do is die a little, die a little
Die a little to survive, help me take my precious time
All you gotta do is cry a little, cry a little
Cry a little to be fine, help me figure out my mind!”

Yungblud captured the Halloween theme admirably with his music video for his song, ‘Die A Little.’ The song serves as the soundtrack for the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why– Season 3. We see Yungblud brought into an eerie space for questioning, and we see his darkened pupils, indicating that he is possessed and has no control over his body. The bloodshot veins, the abnormalities in his eyes, the realistic-looking blood, and the realization that we were dealing with a mind-controlling entity made us shudder. From Yungblud’s skin crawl to his loud screams, evil laughter, or the way his body thrashes around the room, it was so unsettling and exciting at the same time that we could not put it down. It sure was a good thing we weren’t snacking on our Halloween candy or…. you know! There is no doubt that this is a perfect spine-tingling Halloween treat that will give you nightmares for a long time!

‘Married To The Music’- SHINEee

In this music video, SHINee takes over the reins with their own interpretation of a murder mystery that gives off perfect Halloween vibes as we see the band members losing their body parts. Sounds creepy, right? The storyline is intriguing yet ambiguous. The music video begins with a faceless girl feeding a mysterious potion to members of SHINee, then stealing parts of their faces. A few moments after the theft, we see the girl cutting out pictures on her bed and then find her sleeping next to the body parts. In the end, we find a chilling image of all of their faces merged together, and that’s brilliant. A distinctive feature of the video is its seamless choreography and the energy of the band members. Together, they did a fantastic job of bringing everything together, making this very compelling to watch.

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We could go on and on about our favorite horror music videos that make perfect Halloween binge-watches, but let’s take a breather. While discussing these videos with you, we felt exhilarated to an unimaginable degree. What about you? Which is your favorite music video? Are you looking forward to this year’s Halloween celebration? How will you dress up, and what are your plans?

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