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ZAYN & Arnette Place Rose-Colored Glasses On The World

ZAYN & Arnette Place Rose-Colored Glasses On The World

zayn arnette

Globally renowned musician and everyone’s heartthrob ZAYN has teamed up with Arnette, an eyewear brand, and unveiled an exciting collaboration. With Arnette, ZAYN has put together an exceptional array of unisex, stylish, and sustainable eyewear, and we have completely fallen in love with it!

So put your rose-colored shades on and enter the world of ZAYN! Or how we like to say, it’s the Z land.

zayn arnette
Image Source: ZAYN via Arnette

ZAYN is a multi-hyphenate known for his exceptional talent, beguiling vocals, charismatic personality, impeccable fashion sense, and stylish appearance. It is no surprise that he has won the hearts of millions across the globe for over a decade and has earned numerous accolades under his belt. ZAYN has now unveiled one of his most creative projects to date. His unique collaboration with Arnette demonstrates a new, sustainable approach to eyewear by utilizing bio-based materials and experimenting with five bold, adventurous, and colorful models.

This eyewear collection is inspired by (and named after) retro cars, offering both sleek basics and bold statement shapes to suit every taste. As he stated, the brand was greatly inspired by the album artwork for Nobody Is Listening, which set the mood for this collection, and he wanted to give a touch of retro ’90s. ZAYN has a deep interest in designing and creativity- look at his self-designed artworks, merchandise, doodling, sketching, graffiti, fond for superheroes, and if that were not enough, look at him all covered in stylish tattoos.

ZAYN was heavily involved in the creative process of curating this line. Besides quality and style, sustainability was another parameter that ZAYN regarded highly. The collection adopts an elevated retrofuturistic approach and considers sustainability to be environmentally friendly. In this assortment of “edgy but easy-to-wear looks,” ZAYN conveys a sense of his own distinct style that is synonymous with the new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

zayn arnette
Image Source: ZAYN via Arnette
zayn arnette
Image Source: ZAYN via Arnette
zayn arnette
Image Source: ZAYN via Arnette
zayn arnette
Image Source: ZAYN via Arnette
zayn arnette
Image Source: ZAYN via Instagram for Arnette

As you can see, we are already obsessed with this new collaboration and making our wishlist to hope Santa brings them to us this Christmas. Don’t hesitate to drop us a message if you’d like to be our Santa this year, and feel free to leave these gifts in our stockings. (Yes, we’re talking to you, ZAYN.)

Know Our Wishlist

Explore an alternative utopia that seems like a multi-level video game with retrofuturistic influences, one in which contemporary attitudes meet ’90s nostalgia. The collaboration between ZAYN and Arnette shows a new, sustainable approach to eyewear, offering bold, adventurous, and colorful designs.

With these eye-catching super pop frames, you’ll command attention wherever you go. A pair of ‘Type Z’ frames will enhance your sophisticated personality and make you stand out wherever you go. The Optical ‘Type Z’ range features classy and striking round-edge square-shaped frames made from sustainable bio-acetate that have a pop icon feeling, along with a Z lens logo that adds an extra touch of personalization. It has a wide-shaped temple with an A-cut tip. The frames are exclusively available in tie-dye colors, total crystal, and matte black finishes.

“Even when nobody is listening, someone is always looking!” 

‘Drophead’ eyewear range evolved from the iconic 70s metal frames with a distinctive flat bridge and an exclusive Z lens logo on the top corner. This elegant collection features round-shaped, deep-rimmed metal frames that are available in cool matte or brushed tones of silver, gunmetal, or black with colorful mirrors or see-through yellow lenses. The pink ‘Drophead’ shades pay homage to the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe.  Whether you’re into the psychedelic tunes of the ’70s or into modern music, ZAYN brings the round into the new pop millennium with a look that is about better vibez. If you ask us about our personal favorite, it would be a matte or brushed color variant, with colorful bio-lenses inspired by ZAYN’s latest album Nobody Is Listening.  

The modern pilot, ‘GTO,’ features a distinctive bold high-brow shape with the exclusive Z logo on the top profile that draws attention and adds a dash of personalization. Its wide-shaped temples are accentuated by an A-cut tip. This exquisite collection includes exclusive new tie-dye colors, as well as crystal and black. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been up all night or are just out and about, this bold look ensures high-profile style is never too much. The classic style adds just the right amount of panache!

The ultra-streamlined ‘Gullwing,’ designed in a clear rectangular shape, takes inspiration from drum and bass to a new-era trance music scene. Its name is derived from the Mercedes-Benz vehicle of the same name. This is an ultramodern low-lens style with a bold bridge and the exclusive Z logo adorns the lenses and the top bar. This frame also has a wide-shaped temple with an A-cut tip. The ‘Gullwing’ is available in exclusive new tie-dye colors, as well as crystal and black finish. This party-next-door look updates hippie-cool tones with a pop-inspired twist for a bold look that’s always ready to have fun, anytime and anywhere! So, are you ready to put on your fancy shades and party all night long?  

The Zayn x Arnette collaboration is available to purchase from the website. It is also available at Sunglass Hut, Lens Crafters, and Amazon!

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We’re definitely in line for placing our orders as soon as possible. How about you? Did you get your sunglasses yet? Do you have a favorite pair? Are you interested in what the brand has in store for you next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Arnette

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