A Day To Remember: Queen 1985, Live Aid

A Day To Remember: Queen 1985, Live Aid

Around 35 years ago, history was made. The world sang together and said their goodbyes to the band that our hearts will always keep a place for. Queen, the British group that changed life and music in Live Aid, is letting us travel in time to this incredible evening that is still making us have goosebumps and feel butterflies in our stomachs.

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Queen Is More Than ‘Good Company’

Being the 30th episode of Queen The Greatest, the band has let us relive one of the concerts we wish we could have attended. On the night where all the world came together to sing, ‘We Are The Champions’ and have the time of their lives for just some minutes, the concert of Live Aid is the reminder of the power that Queen holds.

The episode takes us into the journey that took the band to get together and let us sing for the last time with our favorite musicians’ songs that never leave our minds.

Listening to the story from the mouths of the 4 band members, including the king, Freddie Mercury, this episode is giving us a melancholic and mindblowing vision of what Live Aid was like from the eyes of Queen.

Queen, You Are Our Best Friend!

An episode we know you won´t want to miss, “Episode 30: Queen 1985: Live Aid,” is so much worth seeing. Queen The Greatest has let us feel closer to the band, and with this episode, we feel part of the band. This is something you won´t regret watching!

Which has been your favorite episode of Queen The Greatest? What event are you still waiting to see in this small series? Tell us everything in the comments, and don´t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Freddy Mercury by Neal Preston.

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