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‘I Don´t Want To Talk’ Is Giving Us A Lot To Talk With Wallows!

‘I Don´t Want To Talk’ Is Giving Us A Lot To Talk With Wallows!

Dear readers, it is a fact that the world has shown a better face since our beloved Wallows released what is meant to be a stunning and wonderful track that is leaving us with a lot to talk about! ‘I Don´t Want To Talk’ became our autumn anthem!

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Wallows released not too long ago their newest song ‘I Don´t Want To Talk,’ letting us appreciate the incredible and super iconic world of the band. Giving us a music video that we dream to be in, they are reminding us of the funny and creative people they are, wanting us to be their besties! Wallows please let us know how!

‘It´s Only Right’ With Wallows!

There´s a crime committed here. Our friends revealed to Apple Music that this piece of art of song, was written in 2018, and they kept it secret! Just because we love them, we are gonna press no charges against Wallows… How could they hide this from us?

And it’s just been this weird little demo that’s stuck around for a long time. And then we brought it back up last minute when we started talking about the process of beginning this album.

Wallows for Apple Music

‘These Days,’ Wallows Is The Only Thing We Relay On…

Wallows are the kings of making us feel relatable. That is a scientific fact! And ‘I Don´t Want To Talk About It’ wasn´t an excuse. All the lyrics of the song made us feel that it was written for us and that they were little spies in our lives so they could know what to write on the song.

It’s sort of about when you rely so much on a person or significant other that to help you gain your confidence and feel good about yourself and feel happy. And when that person is away, the insecurities and jealousy, the kind of things you feel to where the points that it makes you shut down and rather than fixing a problem or make a solution. It’s more just, I don’t want to talk about it, a little insecure anthem.

Wallows for Apple Music

To listen to the complete interview, click HERE!

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The excitement of knowing that a new era of the band is coming is not letting us concentrate on our lives! We can´t wait to see what the three super talented band members are preparing for us!

What are your thoughts on ‘I Don´t Want To Talk?’ What has been your favorite track of the band? Tell us everything in the comments and don´t forget to tune with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

We have just ‘What You Like!’ Stay with us for more music!


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