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Shawn Mendes’ Reveals More ‘Wonder’-ful News!

Shawn Mendes’ Reveals More ‘Wonder’-ful News!

Are you crying because you weren’t quick enough to get tickets for one of the most anticipated tours next year? Dry your eyes because Shawn Mendes’s Wonder: The World Tour announced extra dates in Montreal, Boston, Krakow, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam! The Canadian heartthrob will kick off his gigantic tour in March 2022 and how do we prepare for this? Let’s rewatch some iconic performances to gear up with the excitement!

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‘Always Been You’

Who’s our dark prince? Shawn Mendes is a true fairytale charming man on ‘Always Been You.’ Are we going to cry during the concert? We’ll certainly do with this powerful intro. “It’s a fairytale I can’t explain/Full of words I don’t know how to say/And without a little twist of fate/I know I’d still be searching, baby/I swear that you’ve been sent to save me/You’re the only one that my heart keeps coming back to,” he mesmerizes us with his acoustic guitar. Love is the cure so is Shawn Mendes’ Wonder: The World Tour!


BBC Radio One’s sessions always bring some magic to our lives. Embarking with another Live Lounge alumni King Princess on the European leg of his tour, Shawn Mendes gave us such a sweet piano rendition of the title track of his latest record. When the world crashes down, we always appreciate having a bit of hope. The intensity of the Canadian pop star on ‘Wonder’ is one to watch! We can’t wait to witness it on Shawn Mendes’ Wonder: The World Tour next year!


The Canadian first big hit is still in our hearts and should stay on the setlist. “Tripping over myself/Aching, begging you to come help/And now that I’m without your kisses/I’ll be needing stitches,” we sing over and over along Shawn Mendes jangly guitars and upbeat bop! ‘Stitches’ always sets up such a great crazy ambiance at a gig! Who’s got their ticket for Shawn Mendes: The World Tour?

‘Look Up At The Stars’

Shawn Mendes’ Wonder: The World Tour is going to be emotional, we can expect it from miles and miles away. ‘Look Up At The Stars’ is fuelled with tearjerking harmonies. The crescendo brights with positivity! “Look at the stars/They’re like pieces of art“ shines with the orchestra and we obviously can’t wait to jam and lighting up the crowd with our cellphone lamps!

In My Blood’

Save your voice for this song! Sing at the top of your lungs the fierce chorus of ‘In My Blood.’ At Shawn Mendes: Wonder The World Tour, this track is an essential get-together soulful song! ‘In My Blood’ runs through our veins and is always a must in the setlist with the strong energy that radiates from it!

Run to Shawn Mendes’ website and get your hometown ticket to paradise here! Join the party with our fav Canadian, Tate McRae, King Princess, and Dermot Kennedy in 2022! Which songs are you eager to hear live? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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