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We Are ‘Addicted’ To Pixy’s Latest Comeback!

We Are ‘Addicted’ To Pixy’s Latest Comeback!

Rookie girl group Pixy have released their second mini-album titled Fairy Forest: Temptation! The EP features a total of nine tracks, with two title tracks called ‘Addicted’ and ‘Bewitched.’ We at THP adore the group’s enchanted forest and pixie concept!

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Pixy debuted in February 2021 with their digital single ‘Wings.’ The six-member girl group formed under Allart Entertainment and Happy Tribe Entertainment. Pixy have since released another EP titled Fairy Forest: Bravery in May.

These girls have given us such high-quality music so far. Here are five things we love about Pixy’s latest comeback!

Pixy's comeback mini-album cover
Image Source: Pixy via Twitter

‘Addicted’ Music Video

The music video production of Pixy’s title track is unreal! ‘Addicted’ is a strong hip-hop track that showcases the last chapter of their fairy forest concept. Pixy are addicted to the witch as they have lost control and given in to the magic. And the rap verses in this song go hard!

Mesmerizing Vocals In ‘Bewitched’

Pixy’s second title track ‘Bewitched’ is equally impressive. Their vocals are so dreamy, and we hope to get a music video for this song too! Pixy feel so drawn to someone that they can’t see a way out. They get lost to temptation, befitting the overall concept of Temptation.

Their Song Dedicated To Fans

‘Still With Me (To.Winxy)’ is a soft song dedicated to Pixy’s fans. The fandom name “Winxy” is a combination of “wings” and “Pixy,” which we absolutely love! Pixy sing about being stuck in a dark place, but they have us to keep them going. They’re hopeful for what’s to come, and we’ll stay with them on their journey.

English Song Versions

You know songs are high quality when they sound good in multiple languages! Temptation has two English songs for ‘Bewitched’ and ‘Moonlight.’ And we are so impressed with how effortlessly the girls sang in English. It’s the first time they’ve released English versions of their songs, believe it or not!

The Instrumentals

Of course, we need to show some love for the instrumental song versions! If you’re like us, you can’t help but sing along to lyrics and get distracted from your work. The instrumental versions of ‘Addicted’ and ‘Bewitched’ hit different. And we’ll definitely be adding this to our study and work playlist.

Pixy's comeback stage outfits
Image Source: Pixy via Twitter (Left to right: Lola, Satbyeol, Ella, Dia, Dajeong, Sua)

Pixy have blown us away with their latest mini-album Temptation. These girls continue to raise the bar for rookie K-pop groups with their performances and music videos. We can’t wait to see what their next concept will be!

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Featured Image Source: Pixy via Twitter

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