8 Times Jimin’s Dancing Took Us To Another Universe!

Park Jimin, as you know him, is a man of many talents. One of the strongest among those is his dancing. He literally studied it and for sure we can see how well he’s come to ace his art. During middle school, he attended the Just Dance Academy and learned the popping and locking forms. Prior to becoming a trainee, Jimin studied contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts and was a top student in the modern dance department.

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Needless to say, he’s one of the best dancers in BTS – therefore an obvious member of the dance line (which also includes J-Hope, V & Jungkook), and subunit 3J (in addition to J-Hope & Jungkook) – and also in the entire industry right now. His stellar physique, clean and polished moves, angel-like visuals, and the way he just becomes one with the music, have us all mesmerized – very true to the saying “once you Jim-in, you cannot Jim-out”.

We at The Hive are absolute fans and are breaking down his best dance performances on stage.

‘I Need U’ – 2019 MMA

They don’t lie when they call Jimin an angel fairy. This video is living proof of that statement. 2019 MMA saw each BTS member take the stage with their individual dance solos. And Jimin came, he saw and boy did he conquer, each of our hearts. His fluid movements, the beautiful white outfit, set to the piano rendition of BTS’ hit ‘I Need U’ set an ambiance so heavenly, we still cannot get over it!

‘Perfect Man’ – 2015 MBC Music Festival

This was the performance that made the then orange-haired Jimin a worldwide phenomenon! The video went viral on all platforms and still stirs the hearts of ARMYs whenever you bring it up in conversation. Seriously, orange-haired Jimin is literally a dream, a perfect man we oh-so-badly wish we had!

‘Filter’ – 2020 Map Of The Soul ON:E

A cultural reset. A moment in history. Extraordinary. Unbelievable. All these words and more wouldn’t be enough to describe the fever dream ‘Filter’ Jimin was. We’d not really seen ARMY Twitter combust (rightfully so, though) like the way it did when Jimin debuted his performance for the Map of the Soul: 7 track. The vocals, the glam, the outfits – specifically the outfit change at the end, alongside the mind-boggling choreo is enough to get one on their knees and thank the heavens above for letting them exist at the same time as the Park Jimin.

‘Serendipity’ – 2018 BTS Love Yourself World Tour

‘Serendipity’ Jimin is the literal epitome of grace. Popping out of a bubble at the start, the way Jimin carries himself through the song while hitting those angelic notes and dancing with his entire body is just phenomenal. Stage presence – check, visuals – check, vocals – check, choreography – check, check check!

‘Black Swan’ – 2020 Map Of The Soul ON:E

For the Map of the Soul ON:E performance of ‘Black Swan‘ they thought it was possible for our weak hearts, to survive and get over a Jimin solo. Yeah, no. We are still stuck there and often just randomly get all emotional over this absolute beauty. Don’t judge us. It is what it is.

Jimin really said – bones, who? Cause really, do you see the way he moves! Dear God, his core strength! Seriously, we’re at a loss as to how to describe this, except – watch him “do his thang,” feel, admire, repeat.

Dance king Park Jimin. We said what we said, period.

‘Boy Meets Evil Part.1’ – 2016 MAMA

Jimin’s dance to a slowed-down trap remix of ‘Lie’ and ‘Boy Meets Evil Part 1’ is truly one for the history books. Starting with Jimin suspended in the air, it is easily one of the best pieces of choreography in his world of amazing choreographies. What a human, for real.

Taemin & Jimin SHOWDOWN – 2016 KBS Song Festival

Speaking of stellar Jimin dance performances, we couldn’t be possibly skipping this performance because this was a moment in k-pop history! No ‘lie.’ See what we did there? Hah!

God knows how KBS thought putting SHINee‘s Taemin and Jimin together was a good idea because this is deadly. Fatal. This was really something though especially that dance-off at the end! We bet your heartbeat’s going haywire with the mere thought of this performance.

Not to be too dramatic, but we’d give anything to see another collab like this. Everything.

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‘Butter (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)’ Special Performance Video

Hello!?! 3J made a comeback after a four-year hiatus with this dance video for the ‘Butter Remix’ and we can almost say the excruciating wait has been worth it. All 3 members, obviously including our prince Jimin, literally glow in this and their movements are “smooth like cocoa butter” to the T. The number of retakes they did for this one dance show how perfectionist BTS is and also how hardworking they are to completely ditch a whole day’s shooting to get “the final final take, let’s do it for Jimin.” So inspiring!

Jimin is honestly one of the best of our times, be it in dancing, singing, or anything else. We’re so, so proud and grateful that we get to witness it all, first-hand. Truly a once in a generation phenomenon. Besides his immeasurable talent, the beautiful human he is also very rare to find these days. His kindness, ever-comforting words for ARMY, the amazing, thoughtful friend he is to BTS and others makes him one you’d want to look up to as your idol. We sure do!

Go Jiminie, we’re always cheering you on. “You’re so lovely, lovely, lovely.”

Image Source: Tenor

Can’t get enough of BTS & Jimin? Stray no farther, we got you covered! Hit us up in the comments with your fave out of these performances and on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram for everything music & pop culture. We strongly believe in friends helping each other, so we got ya!


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