Bastille Street Party Just Started!

Bastille Street Party Just Started!

Music and fashion are a whole unique universe! From Liam Payne partnership with Hugo Boss, Selena Gomez with La’Mariette and Coach, Harry Styles with Gucci, Leigh-Anne Pinnock with In A Sea Shell, brands and designers find the perfect mix. London fashion brand Ted Baker celebrates both industries with The Street Party Sessions! London duo Jungle kicks off the season while Bastille Street Party is just around the corner!

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Fashionable Bops!

It’s not the first time Bastille hit the runways! Back in 2020, the project collaboration with Alessia Cara was picked for the LA Fashion Film Festival! Their song ‘Another Place’ found its way on the screen to mesmerize the audience. “I could write a book about the things that you said to me on the pillow/And the way you think, and how you make me feel,” they sing in harmonies with deep meanings! Celebrating creativity and inspirations through music, it’s great to see these wonderful associations! What’s next on the scene for the British hitmakers? Bastille Street Party Session is another gem to add to this beautiful collection!

A Sea Of Colors!

Is shopping with Bastille in your dreams? Get your shopping cart and hear the project‘s new song ‘Thelma And Louise’ which makes us more and more excited about what might be next for Bastille! Submerge yourself into a sea of textures and colors. Under the neon lights, dance along to the mellow synth and catchy mist of electro sounds! Bastille Street Party for Ted Baker is a journey through space and time with the reverberant tones and futuristic aesthetic! We light up our days with ‘Distorted Light Beams!’ The creative area has no limits. The British culture needed this incredible partnership. Along with the band’s performance, the next installments include the likes of Joy Crookes, Little Simz and more. Times changing! Let’s open our world to love and diversity.

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