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New Music Weekly: Charlotte Sands and More!

New Music Weekly: Charlotte Sands and More!

It’s that time of week again! We are here to bring you the best of what’s new with our New Music Weekly wrap-up! We’ve got so many debut projects this week, we can’t wait to dive in!

Jacqueline Loor – Show Them
Image Source: One In A Million Media

Stream Show Them here!

We’ve got quite a few debut projects on this week’s New Music Weekly! Let’s kick it off strong with Show Them from your new favorite pop artist, Jacqueline Loor. Each track gives you a beautiful glimpse into who Jacqueline is as an artist, with our favorite of the thirteen (!!) on the record being, ‘I’m Done With You.’

KTJ & CARLY – ‘Reckless’
Image Source: Lindsey Ruth

Stream ‘Reckless’ here!

We will always get down to an indie-pop duo! If you’re looking to add some angst to your playlists’ you’ll find that with ‘Reckless.’ KTJ and CARLY are the artists we were missing in our lives, truly. We’ve had ‘Reckless’ on repeat!

Lauren Ann – ‘Lucy’
Image Source: Faction Records

Stream ‘Lucy’ here!

We’ve got a label debut here with Lauren Ann’s ‘Lucy!’ Think if ‘Betty’ by Taylor Swift had a sister song, that would be ‘Lucy.’ Everything about this song has us convinced that we have nowhere near seen the full potential of Lauren’s voice and songwriting abilities, the sky is her limit!

Gwyn Love – ‘glow’d up’
Image Source: 604 Records

Stream ‘glow’d up’ here!

Want some electro-pop to add to your New Music Weekly rotation? We’re here to deliver with ‘glow’d up’ by Gwyn Love! This sub-genre of pop is pure perfection and we love seeing rising talent emerging from it!

Seth Glier – ‘Somebody Break My Heart’
Image Source: MPress Records

Stream ‘Somebody Break My Heart’ here!

Good news! If you love ‘Somebody Break My Heart’ as much as we do, Seth Glier has a whole new album to check out! The Coronation is one of our year-to-date favorite records. And the message of songs on the record like ‘Somebody Break My Heart’ is absolutely memorizing.

Boy! Racer – Cutting Corners
Image Source: Sonic PR

Stream Cutting Corners here!

We’ve got another debut project on this week’s New Music Weekly! Boy! Racer is here to convert you into a full-on stan with Cutting Corners. When we look back on the best debut EP’s we have ever heard, we would put Cutting Corners right up there with the best of them!

Charlotte Sands – ‘Every Guy Ever’
Image Source: PIVTL Projects

Stream ‘Every Guy Ever’ here!

Charlotte Sands is straight-up preaching on her newest track ‘Every Guy Ever.’ It is as though she could read our minds and understand every hardship we’ve had with relationships falling into the same tropes.

Emma Remelle – ‘Get Well Soon’
Image Source: Wayward Son

Stream ‘Get Well Soon’ here!

The pop-punk revival of 2021 has been something we’ve loved to showcase here on New Music Weekly, and we’re nowhere close to stopping! This week we’ve got Emma Remelle with her newest track ‘Get Well Soon.’ ‘Get Well Soon’ paints a very real narrative about the pitfalls of young love!

Annabel Gutherz – Loose Ends
Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream Loose Ends here!

The moment we’ve been waiting for is finally here! After covering so many Annabel Gutherz songs here on New Music Weekly, we have a debut album! Every track on Loose Ends showcases beautifully the artistry that Annabel holds, our favorite has to be ‘Not The Girl.’

Eli Derby – ‘Gaslight’
Image Source: LVRN

Stream ‘Gaslight’ here!

Are you as big of a fan of 00s R&B as we are? Well, Eli Derby is on a mission to revive the sub-genre! One listen to ‘Gaslight’ and you’ll see he is doing just that. With Eli being just 18 there is no way we’ve even scratched the surface of where his career will go.

Jayli Wolf – ‘Lead Me’
Image Source: Studio 71

Stream ‘Lead Me’ here!

‘Lead Me’ is a heavy track, but we couldn’t recommend it enough. There isn’t nearly enough representation when it comes to indigenous-queer artists, and Jayli Wolf brings that needed representation to the industry.

KEANA – ‘Teardrops’
Image Source: Clay Dizon

Stream ‘Teardrops’ here!

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Describing KEANA as “dream-pop” makes perfect sense, her sound is very otherworldly. There are so many heavy relationship songs this week, ‘Teardrops’ is no exception. We’ve all had a situation where we’ve had a partner that had a bit of extra baggage, it just hits so close to home.

Nightlane – ‘Fame’
Image Source: Nightlane via Instagram

Stream ‘Fame’ here!

Electronic meets indie? Count us in! We’ve found a seamless blend of the two sounds here with ‘Fame’ by Nightlane! Following up ‘Dead Flowers’ was a hard feat but they smashed it!

Charles on TV – Truth & Lies
Image Source: Notorious Noise PR

Stream Truth & Lies here!

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals we’ve got another debut EP! Charles On TV is here with Truth & Lies, which is one of the most unique records we’ve heard in a long time. Each song blends the sounds of modern music with classic sounds from a simpler time.

Velvet Starlings – Technicolor Shakedown
Image Source: Golden Robot Records

Stream Technicolor Shakedown here! 

2021’s answer to garage rock? Sounds like a good time to us! That’s exactly what you’ll get with the new Velvet Starlings album Technicolor Shakedown. You’re going to have each track stuck in your head after listening, specifically, ‘She Said (She Said).’

Blackway – Heavyweights
Image Source: Position Music

Stream Heavyweight here!

Blackway is unlike any other artist making music right now, let’s just get that out there. If you allow yourself to be fully immersed in the Heavyweight EP you will be transported to a musical world you didn’t know existed.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song we covered this week? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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