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Stray Kids Get Personal With ‘Scars’

Stray Kids Get Personal With ‘Scars’

Stray Kids aren’t wasting a single second. Just over a month since the release of their second full-length album, NOEASY, and the hit ‘Thunderous,’ Stray Kids make their first Japanese comeback of 2021 with their second Japanese single album: Scars.

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‘Scars’ is worlds apart from ‘Thunderous,’ but both of these songs are so powerful in different ways. It just goes to show that Stray Kids not only can do it all, but they also have an incredibly diverse discography. To put it simply, ‘Scars’ feels like the sister of ‘Hellevator‘ – and it’s not only about the EDM driven sound of the song. ‘Scars,’ just like ‘Hellevator,’ is a very personal song with deep and emotional lyrics that come down to one important line: ‘It’s okay if it’s me.’ The song is about their struggles as trainees, and overall it talks about embracing one’s struggles, pains, and scars.

‘Scars’ carries an incredible and hopeful message through an EDM driven song. As always, the striking vocals are so powerful and full of emotion, while the raps are simply perfect. And also fun fact, remember Changbin‘s ‘Cypher?’ Well, the beginning of ‘Cypher’ is actually taken out of this song – ‘Scars’ was actually written back in 2019. This just makes us wonder how many songs they have up their sleeves and what future releases they’ve already hinted at…

When we say ‘Scars’ is the sibling of ‘Hellevator,’ we don’t say it lightly. Actually, the music video for ‘Scars’ makes countless references to ‘Hellevator’ and you can find multiple parallels. Apart from that, the music video has beautiful shots of all the members together seemingly lost and trying to find a place to stay. They ultimately seem to find a home in each other.

And, of course, what would be a release this powerful without an equally powerful choreography? The choreography for ‘Scars’ is to be remembered for sure. It has so many incredible moments such as Seungmin dancing with a mic stand. But the best part is by far how Danceracha (Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix) lead the dance break. Stray Kids really never fail in any aspect of their releases – everything is always on point.

Image source: JYP Entertainment

The B-sides

But Stray Kids didn’t only release ‘Scars.’ The single album, Scars, also comes with the Japanese version of ‘Thunderous’ and, most importantly, a brand new song: ‘Call.’ This b-side was written by Han, produced solely by Bang Chan, and composed by both. With its fun production almost reminiscent of 3RACHA‘s songs and its quite bright and addictive melody, ‘Call’ doesn’t strike as a sad song right away. However, the lyrics are about not being able to move on from a past relationship. They carry such a feeling of nostalgia and regret. ‘Call’ is another one of those very double-sided songs from Stray Kids that sound so cheerful and fun but are so far from it lyrics-wise.

What are your thoughts on ‘Scars?’ What has been your favorite Japanese release from Stray Kids so far? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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