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Halsey’s Dedication to Her Craft is Unmatched And Their 5th SNL Appearance Proves This

Halsey’s Dedication to Her Craft is Unmatched And Their 5th SNL Appearance Proves This

Halsey achieved SNL musical guest veteran status last Saturday, October 9th, making it their 5th time on the show. SNL‘s Studio 8H is known to have housed some of New York City’s most legendary performances. From The Replacements’ mooning incident in the ’80s, to Nirvana trashing their entire set-up in the ’90s, to Jack White’s last-second fill-in last year. Only the greats have been up at NBC and with all sincerity, Halsey humbly joins this list. 

We’re cued into Halsey’s sci-fi futuristic dimension immediately. In a skin-tight bodysuit and half their hair buzzed off, Halsey grabs the audience by the collar and demands they listen to her. Letting their voice growl and echo, she stands in place for almost her entire set — not so typical of their more elaborate performances. Simply there with the power of her own voice, Halsey is able to trap the audience like prey. With a hypnotizing ability, Halsey locks eyes with those at SNL and us at home as they assert: I am not a woman, I’m a God.

Legends ride with legends, and that’s how Halsey managed to get Lindsey Buckingham of the esteemed Fleetwood Mac up on stage with her. An ode to her baby boy, Halsey pours out what seems to be their entire being into ‘Darling’s verses. Her voice faltering at times, evidence of the emotion they have for finally fulfilling the role she’s only ever dreamt of — a mother. Halsey has been through a lot leading up to this pregnancy, so when she sings that foolish men have tried, but only you have shown me how to love bein’ alive, we have no choice but to believe her. An impenetrable force of sheer willpower, Halsey wasn’t simply performing at SNL,they were showing us what happens when you let yourself believe you deserve more, and the pure goodness that comes out of that revelation. 

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Image Source: SNL/NBC

Halsey’s ability to orchestrate unique performance styles during her sets is what cements them as a virtuoso of her craft. Never afraid to try something new or revel in one specific aspect of her personality that week, any one of Halsey’s past SNL performances is evidence of their seriousness in what they does. She defines what it means to be creative.

In the midst of taking over the entertainment industry and with whatever time she has left in her schedule, Halsey has also been running their own beauty company, about-face. Click here for more!

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Featured Image Source: Rosalind O’Connor / NBC

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