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‘One Day’ Monsta X Will Take Over The World – Sooner Than You Think!

‘One Day’ Monsta X Will Take Over The World – Sooner Than You Think!

Monbebe rejoice! Monsta X’s new all-English single ‘One Day’ is taking them to new heights and helping them achieve the global success they deserve! 

Monsta X have officially infiltrated Top 40 radio in the United States once again! The week of 16th October, ‘One Day’ reached number 38 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Airplay chart. This is the group’s third appearance on the chart, after ‘WHO DO U LOVE?’ and ‘YOU CAN’T HOLD MY HEART.’ The band’s popularity has, quite rightly, been growing, and this just goes to show it!

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American Monbebe have been truly spoilt lately (it’s what they deserve!), as Monsta X are soon heading stateside for the iHeart Jingle Ball shows in Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Atlanta and Miami! We can’t wait for Monsta X and Monbebe to reunite!

In 2020, Monsta X, the first kpop group to do so, released their debut all-English album, ALL ABOUT LUV. ‘One Day’ serves as the first single from their next English album, due out in December! ALL ABOUT LUV reached number five on the Billboard 200 chart, making them only the third kpop group to ever reach that milestone! We can’t wait to see where Monbebe manage to chart them this time around…

Plus, Monsta X and their success is not limited to just music! There’s no denying that the whole group are fashion icons, as well as beauty brand ambassadors. Then, of course, there’s actor Hyungwon, whose drama Fly Again is set to come out next month. Plus their philanthropic endeavors definitely don’t go unnoticed by Monbebe, not least their public support of Black Lives Matter and their work with the United Nations.

‘One Day’ is a really special song for both Monsta X and Monbebe, as it is one of their most emotional singles yet, all about (Luv… just kidding) the ending of a relationship, and “the feeling of knowing that it might feel better at some point, but you’re stuck in your current emotion and not able to realize that.” Yes, Monsta X’s upbeat and carefree songs are incredible too, but there’s something special about them getting recognition for a song like this!

Don’t forget to stream ‘One Day’ here!

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Here at THP we truly can’t get enough of ‘One Day’ – what are your thoughts? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop.


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  • Monbebe have been working hard to get One Day airplay here in the US but only because the general public needs to hear it. Once they do, they fall in love instantly. It’s such an amazing song!

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