SEVENTEEN Tracks About Growing Up In Celebration of Attacca

SEVENTEEN Tracks About Growing Up In Celebration of Attacca

After the release of the concept trailer ‘Rush Of Love’ for their upcoming album Attacca, and the continuation of their ‘Project of Love’ we knew this album would have SEVENTEEN moving on from the concepts of youth. The trailer literally opened up with the words boyhood crossed out, plus it really gives us edgy vibes – don’t even get us started on all the concept photos. You can watch the concept trailer down below and relish in the flames, and also scenes that looked like they took place in past MV’s.

So yeah, it’s safe to say that the group is stepping away from the youth concept. What does it mean for Carats? Well, we’re assuming new tracks that sound like ‘Closer,’ ‘Fear,’ ‘Fearless,’ ‘Hit’ and possibly the very sexy ‘Light A Flame.’ Maybe a pop-punk sound? Either way, SEVENTEEN and this concept, please take all of our money!

Gif Source: Tenor

But does that mean we are entirely over SEVENTEEN’s the youth era(s)? No, far from it, so get ready to remanence the “ending” of SEVENTEEN’s youth, and look back at some bops from the group that celebrates the different aspects of growing up.


‘My My’

‘Adore U’


‘Snap Shoot’

‘Oh My!’

‘Our dawn is hotter than day’

‘Don’t Wanna Cry’

-Getting/Going Through Life-







We keep inching closer to the release of SEVENTEEN’s October 22nd comeback of Attacca, and we’re super excited to see the final outcome. By the way, don’t forget to pre-order the album here!

What was your favorite track from our list? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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