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Sam Fischer Is A ‘Hopeless Romantic’ And We’re Hopelessly In Love With Him!

Sam Fischer Is A ‘Hopeless Romantic’ And We’re Hopelessly In Love With Him!

Any day that the lovely Sam Fischer drops a new single, is a day that the sun shines a little brighter! And today is one of those days! So whip out your SPF and your sunnies, oh lovely Honey Poppers, because Sam Fischer is back with his brand new single ‘Hopeless Romantic’ and it’s incredible. And we would know… we’ve already seen it performed live!

Image Source: via Sam Fischer Instagram. Credits: @lewisvorn and @isstudioworld

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Fresh off the UK leg of his A Simple Tour, our favorite “Average Aussie” has just dropped his new single, and we are so in love with it. We know you will be too! ‘Hopeless Romantic’ explores the longing for love, in places it might not exist. It circles the topic of comparisons, of jealousy with seeing the love that others live in, while seeking it for yourself without success. It’s something so many of us have had to endure, so thanks Sam, this one stings a little! Thankfully, we know that Sam isn’t all that hopeless, as he’s head over heels for his beautiful wife and BEST friend Erin, but we know that the path to finding your soulmate, is full of absolute train wrecks too!

“I’ve got the heart of a hopeless romantic/
Can you imagine/
Looking for love in somewhere it’s not?/
I’m broken and manic/
Can you imagine/
Looking for love in somewhere it’s not?”

We were lucky enough to hear this incredible song back in September, when Sam absolutely slayed his opening act duties, for his bestie and fellow Berkley alumni, Ashe, on her The Fault Line Tour in London. You can read all about our day with Ashe, Sam Fischer and Niall Horan, here! And let us tell you, this song is incredible on the recording, but it goes even harder live. It gave us goosebumps on our faces. Nobody is doing it like Sam right now, with his rich and distinctive voice that you feel ruminating in your chest. With such an effortless tone and with riffs for days, Sam’s slick vocals give these lyrics the sprinkling of spice that they deserve.

Image Source: Via Sam Fischer Instagram

Melodically, ‘Hopeless Romantic’ is the epitome of easy listening, but it’s also full of excitement, with so many special moments to really enjoy the harmonious instrumentals, perfectly mirroring Sam’s impeccable vocal delivery. The rhythmic and soothing piano intro sets the scene of Sam being in his feels, and as the chorus drops, so do the beats, stepping this track up from ballad to soulful hip-grinding bop.

We are so game to see ‘Hopeless Romantic’ soar up the charts, as it so rightly deserves. We can’t help but feel Sam’s success in the industry is due to climb, fast, and soon. His talent is so underrated, and he’s not only making a name as one of the most talented vocalists in the industry right now, but he’s also respected as one of the nicest people to work with – Just ask his besties Ashe, Lewis Capaldi, Demi Lovato and more! We will be right behind Sam every step of the way and are so privileged to be able to support and completely simp over him, here at The Honey POP!

Stream ‘Hopeless Romantic’ For Clear Skin

Check out ‘Hopeless Romantic’ right now, and get to streaming it here!

We’ll see you at the music video premiere for ‘Hopeless Romantic’ on YouTube today, October 15th! Head over here at 10:30am EST / 3:30pm BST / 10:30pm DST, and let’s show Sam some love!

Are you hopelessly in love with Sam and his brand new single? Maybe you went out on A Simple Tour? We want to hear all about it! Drop us a comment down below, or pop over to our Twitter @thehoneypop, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Sam Fischer Official Instagram

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