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Aurora’s ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ Is Within Our Reach

Aurora’s ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ Is Within Our Reach

The next Aurora era is upon us and it’s calling for celestial crowns, laurel wreaths, and elegant chitons. On January 21, 2022, the ‘Cure for Me‘ singer will release her third studio album, The Gods We Can Touch. Told through the narrative prism of Greek mythology, its tracklist features 15 provocative songs, each of which corresponds to a different Greek god or goddess.

  1. ‘The Forbidden Fruits Of Eden’
  2. ‘Everything Matters’
  3. ‘Giving In To The Love’
  4. ‘Cure For Me’
  5. ‘You Keep Me Crawling’
  6. ‘Exist For Love’
  7. ‘Heathens’
  8. ‘The Innocent’
  9. ‘Exhale Inhale’
  10. ‘A Temporary High’
  11. ‘A Dangerous Thing’
  12. ‘Artemis’
  13. ‘Blood In The Wine’
  14. ‘This Could Be A Dream’
  15. ‘A Little Place Called The Moon’

Diving into themes of shame, desire, and mortality, Aurora contextualizes the album in terms of being human in a world of wonder and awe.

The spiritual door between the human and the gods is a very complicated thing. In the right hands faith can become the most beautiful thing. Nurturing and warm. And in the wrong hands it can become a beacon of war and death. One thing that has always bothered me is the idea that we’re born unworthy having to deem ourselves worthy by suppressing the forces within us that make us human. Not perfect, not flawless, just human. Could we find this Divine power in ourselves, while still being attached and seduced to the wonders of the world. The flesh, the fruit and the wine. I think that is what intrigues me about the Greek gods. The gods of the ancient world. Perfectly imperfect. Almost within our reach. Like gods we can touch.


The album announcement comes on the heels of her release of ‘Giving In To The Love,’ the third track off The Gods We Can Touch. Aurora’s signature ethereal vocals overlay a steady thumping beat to create a moving yet powerful ballad. Check it out here.

Of this song, Aurora divulges that she “was thinking about Prometheus, and how he stole the fire to sculpt us – the humans. I feel like we sometimes forget that we are living creatures, capable of so many beautiful things. And the human’s current obsession with beauty makes us forget and devalue the fire that rests within us. Our inner self, and most important part.”

One Last Announcement

Tour dates!

13th February: Italy, Milan – Alcatraz

14th February: Italy, Rome – Auditorium Parco della Musica

16th February: Belgium, Brussels – Ancienne Belgique

17th February: France, Paris – Le Trianon

18th February: Netherlands, Amsterdam – Paradiso

21st February: Switzerland, Lausanne – Les Docks

22nd February: Switzerland, Zurich – Kaufleuten

24th February: Germany, Berlin – Tempodrom

26th February: Czechia, Prague – Forum Karlin

27th February: Slovakia, Bratislava – Refinery

1st March: Poland, Krakow – Studio

2nd March: Poland, Warsaw – Progresja

3rd March: Poland, Gdansk – b90

5th March: Denmark, Copenhagen – Vega

6th March: Sweden, Stockholm – Fallan

27th March: Birmingham, Town Hall

See Also

28th March: Newcastle, NUSU

29th March: Glasgow, SWG3

31st March: Dublin, Olympia

2nd April: Manchester, Albert Hall

3rd April: Leeds: O2 Academy

5th April: Bristol, O2 Academy

6th April: London, O2 Academy Brixton

Think you can figure out which song corresponds to which god just by the track titles? Tweet us your guesses before the release date @TheHoneyPOP, or comment them down below.


Featured Image Source: Decca Records

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