Our Love For Dixie D’Amelio Is ‘The Real Thing’

Our Love For Dixie D’Amelio Is ‘The Real Thing’

Lots of TikTok stars blew up through 2020 and 2021, but very few have reached the same heights as Dixie D’Amelio. She’s already collaborated with music icons like Wiz Khalifa, blackbear, and Liam Payne, yet she’s still finding ways to bring her work to the next level. Her new single, ‘The Real Thing,’ is one of her best tracks to date, describing how she wants to find a genuine romance that won’t just be another one of “these 4-day love affairs.”

Dixie wasn’t planning on releasing the song until fans got excited over clips they used on The D’Amelio show earlier this year, and we’re so glad she did! It really would’ve been a sin to let this bop stay trapped in the vault. The adorable lyric video shows clips of some of Dixie’s favorite memories, including recording studio sessions, standout performances, and fun photoshoots.

“I’m releasing ‘The Real Thing’ for the fans,” Dixie says. “The same fans that support me and motivate me to keep going when I’m feeling defeated. You requested this, so I’m delivering the full version to you. I’m so thankful for all of you and I’m really excited to be able to drop this!”

Here at THP, we love how honest and vulnerable Dixie gets in her music! She never shies away from opening up about her mental health or difficult situations she may be going through, and ‘The Real Thing’ is a romantic example of how something beautiful can come out of those fears. Her openness is definitely going to help so many people get the support they may need.

What do you think of ‘The Real Thing?’ Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Amber Asaly

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